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    Newbie alert!! Dr bronners diy for shampoo??? Help I'm so confused

    Hi, I had hair loss due to Hashimoto's, which is very hard to diagnose and most doctors don't even test for it. I'm not on any kind of medication for it but if done lots of research about, especially about the hair loss. I learned about, and started taking one tablespoon of unrefined organic...
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    Creamy texture of HP

    Hi June, does the 1oz of water make this a 2lb recipe or would it work the same with 2lbs of oils?
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    The word association game

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    The word association game

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    The word association game

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    Hubby bunkered down for cyclone..

    Hope your hubby fairs well. I to have ultra sensitive skin. I've tried coffee, finely ground milling spice and oats.,. And, I'm afraid I'm a wuss, too. Oh, and corn meal... It all feels like sand paper to me, except on my hands or feet, so I sympathize. If you find anything mild, I'd love to try...
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    Facial masks

    Oops! Meant to say, I'm not an expert, just learning.
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    Facial masks

    I've learned lots of good things about glycerin. Maybe it would lend some nice properties and minimize the drying out. Not an effort