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  1. CP_soapery

    surefire scents that everyone can enjoy :)

    I haven't been making the scented soap as long either, but I had great results so far with Black for Men type FO and Aromatherapy Energizing FO from NG. Several others have given me trouble. These are my favs right now, but I just bought a bunch of new ones :D super excited to try them. Sure...
  2. CP_soapery

    One for the ladies!

    Wow those are gorgeous!! I bet they smell amazing too :)
  3. CP_soapery

    Need Opinions on New Recipe

    And thank you lsg! :smile:
  4. CP_soapery

    Need Opinions on New Recipe

    Thanks cmzaha :) The timeframe helps, I should probably make sure it's at least that long from now on. I think I made it a little under 8 hours lol it was still a bit wet but thankfully not enough to smear the colors like the last time :oops:
  5. CP_soapery

    Need Opinions on New Recipe

    Thank you Judy! That makes me feel better that the recipe looks good to someone more experienced, cuz I'm not very good at formulating them yet.
  6. CP_soapery

    Need Opinions on New Recipe

    We actually just cut it because it was such a hard bar. But they turned out beautifully color-wise! Seems like we successfully managed to avoid gel :D I'm pleased with it so far! Not the best pics, and I'm not sure why they posted twice lol but here we go
  7. CP_soapery


    LOL no complaints from me for sure :) His snoring is kinda grating at times..... :)
  8. CP_soapery

    Need Opinions on New Recipe

    Do you know how long do I need to wait to cut it if they're not gelled? I have only ever left one batch ungelled but I still got impatient and cut that one too soon.
  9. CP_soapery

    Need Opinions on New Recipe

    Thanks, me too! That's the only problem with soaping, it tries my patience waiting on it but I love the CP look. Decided to try and keep it from gelling to save the pretty colors. We shall see :)
  10. CP_soapery

    Favorite Moisturizing CP Soap

    Bump.. Same situation, trying to find a more moisturizing CP recipe. Just tried a new one with CO, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, and Castor oil. No fragrance to see how the recipe reacts alone, and also hoping to keep it from gelling (other than goats milk soap this is also a first), so it's in my...
  11. CP_soapery

    Need Opinions on New Recipe

    Welp, its a go lol. We went ahead and made this soap, no scent so we wouldn't have to worry about anything affecting the recipe. Can't hold off on colors though :D Will post when we cut it!
  12. CP_soapery

    Need Opinions on New Recipe

    Ok this is the first time we have tried this CP recipe. I am still learning how to formulate my own recipes and was hoping I could get some input. The recipe I have come up with is: Coconut Oil 944 g Castor Oil 56 g Shea Butter 113 g Cocoa Butter 113 g 18% SF I wanted to try an all coconut...
  13. CP_soapery

    Gift Box Suppliers?

    Would anyone be willing to share where you have your soap boxes printed? I have somewhere in mind for labels, but no idea for boxes. If possible, I would like to be able to design the colors etc. on them, so that they are personalized. What companies have you had good experiences with...
  14. CP_soapery


    That's a fantastic tip Judy!! Thank you!
  15. CP_soapery


    LOL yes ma'am that's about right. My problem with molds is that i can't cut a straight line to save my life. Then I started leaving off the side of my mold while I line it and just do that side last (DH made the mold for me so one side just screws off when we unmold the soap). That helped a lot...
  16. CP_soapery


    Thank ya'll!
  17. CP_soapery

    Doesn't look like much, but OH the Cacao smell!

    Love the natural look of this soap! I bet it smells wonderful, I can't help but smell the cocoa butter jar when I make a batch :D it's heavenly. And I'm forever picking up my curing soaps to sniff them lol I just love smell-ums,
  18. CP_soapery

    Cracking - CP soap

    Thanks! I think I do prefer gelled, with the exception of my goats milk soap, so that'll help me keep the temp down for it :) how long do you leave it? Overnight, just a few hours, or longer?
  19. CP_soapery

    Cracking - CP soap

    I tried leaving the last batch uninsulated, and it did seem to work, no ugly cracking. But I also used a different recipe. We upped the SF and the amount of soft oils for a more moisturizing bar. Could the hardness of the previous recipe have contributed to the cracking? It had equal parts...
  20. CP_soapery

    A New Christmas Tradition