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  1. Passion Factor

    Good bendable wax?

    try carved wax. I think general wax sells some. Once it sets you have about 15 minutes, I heard, to work with it before it becomes solid.
  2. Passion Factor

    How long to candle scents last?

    i know right. I just pulled out some melts that I made 10 years ago and they are still as strong as the day I made them.
  3. Passion Factor

    For the candle impaired, wax melts??

    yes. that is about right. I use soy but i use 464. I add my fo at 175-180 and I pour at 135-140 for melts though, I usually pour hotter. Melts are easier but you still have to be conscious of your temps. Look at the characteristics and properties of your wax then determine from there.
  4. Passion Factor

    Wick issue q220

    I only use that wax for melts. What wick series are you using? (Eco, Http, CD) You might have to use a different wick series.
  5. Passion Factor

    Help with wax

    I usually cheat it. I will melt that sucker down and add more wax to it and add max fragrance to the new wax. Do not calculate the old wax because that scent load is done. Once you add scent to your wax, the wax won't hold anymore fragrance and you can't add more unless you add something to it...
  6. Passion Factor

    help regarding wax melts

    yes you can but I would only use a little bit as beeswax comes with its own fragrance - honey.
  7. Passion Factor

    Coloring question ......

    yes, that is just what I was going to say.
  8. Passion Factor

    Bath Salt Recipe - Needs input!

    It seems fine to me. Bath Salts are easily customizable so that seems ok. I will say though, with the coconut oil, remember it will solidify at 76 degrees so your mixture will be some what solid. you might want to add a liquid oil along with the coconut oil or think about making it emulsive.
  9. Passion Factor

    Wax Melt Scent & Color

    Hi. You have to choose the right companies too. Violet is a bit of a strong smell, so I would have added a little violet to my raspberry at a time till I got the right smell but you have to remember to let it cure for a bit to get the true smell. the smell changes so much over time. Sometimes I...
  10. Passion Factor

    Wax Melt Scent & Color

    I blend my scents all the time. Those are my most popular scents. I have a Son of a Biscuit, Summer's Essience, Bermuda Triangle and more. It is easy. Once you get the hang of it, it can become addictive. This is what you do. You have to figure out your base scent. That is the most prominent...