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    Natural Orange Color

    I made a really nice orange soap using puree carrot and carrot seed oil. I have also used annatto seed for my soap and I usually get a yellow to yellow-orange color from it. If you want a more vibrant color, make sure the soap goes through gel phase completely. You can do CPOP or wrap your...
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    A new design

    I was experimenting and was trying to get a tie dye style in the soap. I used about 60% of the batter as a base white and the remaining 40% was split between 5 colors. I poured the colors in alternating dark and light pattern into one area of the bowl (all the yellow then all the blue then all...
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    A weird reaction and result

    The opaque layer melted and oozed out and was a light yellow in color and thin and oily. It didnt match the essential oil blend I used but it did have the scent of the blend. After it melted, it created a void pocket. I am thinking that maybe the yogurt added more fat and the lye load could not...
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    A weird reaction and result

    So, I made a loaf of soap last night. Here is my recipe coconut oil 30% castor oil 10% olive oil 40% palm oil 20% 7.71 oz NaOH 11 oz water 10 oz greek yogurt Clove bud EO 0.27 oz Patchouli EO 0.918 oz Geranium EO 0.324 oz Lavender EO 1.188 oz 2 tsp cocoa powder 2 tsp yellow brazilian clay...
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    Borax Hand Soap for Blacksmith or other dirty work

    Hi Earlene would you mind sharing your formula for the combo blacksmithing soap?
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    Masterbatching Lye/Vinegar

    Where do you get 0.0356 from?
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    Almond Castor Oil Soap

    Sorry did not see that the OP posted a link in here entry
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    Masterbatching Lye/Vinegar

    Can someone point me to a place I can learn to masterbatch lye solution? How do you use the masterbatch lye solution. Is it based on grams/ounces of lye per ml/ounce of solution? Then do you add water or other liquid to make up the total volume of liquid for the batch? I read the article about...
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    Almond Castor Oil Soap

    Check out this article from Soap Queen discussing the lather and feel of single oil soaps.
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    Soap cutters

    There are several soap cutting boxes out there and most are about 30 to 40 dollars. here is one you might want to look at...
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    Fruits and Veggies

    Are there any real benefits to adding fruits or vegies to soap? I know avocado can bump up the SF but do any of the vitamins or other special properties of fruits and veggies survive saponification? I am going to try to use pomegranate juice and soak pomegranate seeds in olive oil for an...
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    Fruits and Veggies

    I have used cucumber and avocado in my soaps, but what other veggies and fruits have people used and what results have you gotten? I was thinking of trying strawberries or other berries and maybe apple. What about citrus? Would the acid in citrus affect the soap? Also, what essential oils would...
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    Neem Oil

    I use neem oil a lot. It has a nutty odor to it. But you can work with it. Spearmint and eucalyptus EO combo works great and is good for the skin. In order to get the benefits of neem oil, at least 20% is recommended. I use this percentage in my neem oil soaps. I make a bar and LS using neem...
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    Sodium lactate; natural?

    Hello I have tailored my business to be more "all natural"; using natural colorants and essential oils, etc. I always add sodium lactate to help my soap harden and make unmolding easier. I have had a couple people say that sodium lactate is a chemical and not natural but it is just a sodium...
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    I want to make a "mechanics" soap. How much pumice should I use. Also, I was planning on using a high % coconut oil with a 10% SF to get a really cleansing bar. Any input on recipe would be appreciated
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    Adjusting pH of liquid soap

    Hello I made a batch of liquid soap and I want to lower the pH to be more neutral. I know you can only go so far because at a low pH, you start to destabilize the soap. But I wanted to get the soap close to 7.0 as I can. Has anyone used citric acid to lower the pH of soap and if so, how...
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    Using a cream soap base for sugar scrub

    Has anyone used a cream soap as the base for a sugar scrub? If so, what ratio should I use for soap to sugar? I have made all my scrubs in the past using an emulsified oil combination.
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    January Entry Thread

    Titanium dioxide, activated charcoal, and mimosa mica colorants. The voice of reason scent.