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  1. GeezLouise

    Short/Mini Immersion (Stick) Blender?

    If you find a tiny bell-shaped stick/immersion blender, let us know! I have a tiny battery operated frother, that was $7.67 in 2017. The black one is now $8.99: Bodum Schiuma Battery Operated Milk Frother, 8.5 Inches It works fine in small containers, on...
  2. GeezLouise

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I've been slacking, spending time on our new used truck, but did wash soap dishes today and am going to set up supplies to make a batch tomorrow.
  3. GeezLouise

    MICE! Grrr

    For outbuildings: Smear peanut butter in a horizontal stripe (about 1 inch wide) inside a 5-gallon bucket, about 4 inches down from the rim. Put a chunk of wood or something about 6 inches high next to the outside base of the bucket. Fill the bucket about half-full of water. Dump the bodies...
  4. GeezLouise

    Duck Fat Soap

    Not quite what you're asking: I once used chicken tallow as sort of an emu oil replacement in a hand cream. It was a nice cream but the chicken tallow scent was undesirable so I added some EOs to it. Figured chickens and emus are both birds and might have similar properties.
  5. GeezLouise

    How did you find us?

    Not the same. The Soap Dish Forum is no more. Some from the old "Soap Dish Forum" have set up a private Facebook group. Answer the questions and you're in.
  6. GeezLouise


    We shop monthly so have a stash of food and tp. If getting food becomes a problem, we may get skinny. Medically fragile and old family members are the bigger concern right now. If we cannot get more tp, we can use many old washcloths, although it would be like washing diapers again. I routinely...
  7. GeezLouise

    Hello All

    Nice to have you here; you'll find plenty of enablers :-)
  8. GeezLouise

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made a test batch of CP soap with lanolin in it. This soap is intended for my mom, who purchased a bar that she liked for dry skin some time (years?) ago from someone at a farmer's market. She thinks it had lanolin in it.
  9. GeezLouise

    What Do You Like About Salt Bars?

    Straight olive oil on my non-acne prone skin seems to result in breakouts. Coconut oil does not. The CO salt bars at 20% SF don't strip my skin or cause break outs.
  10. GeezLouise

    Cutting mat liners for wooden molds

    Although the craft foam is discussed in past years, I got my information more recently here:
  11. GeezLouise

    Cutting mat liners for wooden molds

    I still use the plastic mats for the smaller molds, have not got around to making for the longer mold. Tape is inexpensive and the mats don't wrinkle. I did use a foam pad in the longer mold last week, a foam like another member mentioned recently in another thread. (Memory like a sieve today)...
  12. GeezLouise

    Cutting mat liners for wooden molds

    I did this but scored too deeply and after a few uses the sides separated. So I patched the back with painters tape or clear packing tapetape, which worked well.
  13. GeezLouise

    Advise on cutting the soap bars

    Earlene, the ceramic dish is pretty.
  14. GeezLouise

    Advise on cutting the soap bars

    I use an inexpensive sponge, cut to size if it's used in a dish. Easy to clean and repurpose if desired.
  15. GeezLouise

    Butters recommendation?

    Left coast here and find BB shipping is timely.
  16. GeezLouise

    The joy of soap mold lining...NOT!

    Craft foam? Are you comfortable sharing what type? Seems like a huge process improvement. :-)
  17. GeezLouise

    What Do You Like About Salt Bars?

    Might be the lathering method? We have hard-ish water and with vigorous sopping wet washcloth action am able to get adequate lather. 100% salt (1 salt:1 oil), 100% CO, 20% superfat.
  18. GeezLouise

    What Do You Like About Salt Bars?

    A while back, another member advised me to wait a year to try the soap (100% salt, that is, 1:1 salt: oil) and I'd like it better --she was right. Two years is even better.
  19. GeezLouise

    New to Forum

  20. GeezLouise

    Basics understanding of soap making

    The soap is "firm" faster in HP, but not cured faster. CP is faster to make and pour, and is often able to be swirled and other decorative effects. Although I began with liquid soap, then HP, HP takes too much time for me most days, to bother with it. CP can be made and poured in less than an...