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    It would be really nice to think of this as a conversation, but when snark comes up, it is no longer a conversation but a competition. The OP did not ask anything wrong at all, she wasn't asking for anyone's personal recipe, just for A recipe for a harder sudsy bar. Some people just do not...
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    Which begs the question; How can a person that has little to no experience "give" to a forum with lots experienced soapers? In my experience, you have to gain experience before you can give it. To the OP, if you want hard bars, add some stearic acid or salt to your recipe. Go to the...
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    Deodorant Soap?

    So how do soap companies like Dial and Safegaurd get away with it? Do they pay the fines or are they in a different class than regular soap makers? What makes them have the ability to advertise it as a deodorant soap?
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    vanilla oatmeal goats milk nd honey(w cut pics)

    That looks great! Good job!
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    Itchy after using homemade soap

    I have gotten splashed in the face with my stick blender and it was the reason I went to a face cover instead of wearing just eye protection, the soap went up on my cheeks and in my mouth, thankfully, it only burned a little after rinsing. I would recommend not only eye protection, but a whole...
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    Would greatly appreciate some HP help!

    When I use milk, I always discount my water the amount I am going to add for milk and then add the milk after the cook for this exact reason. It seems to me, the HP actually scorches the milk. I agree with Amy, even if it stunk and burned on the bottom, scrape out what you can and put it in the...
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    Itchy after using homemade soap

    I have used a cup blender and it comes to trace within three minutes and that is thick trace. There is a guy that actually has a website that has a full list of blender recipes and since you can only do 13 oz. at a time, they are perfect for test batches. I cannot remember the website though...
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    Felted Soap - Wet Dog FO

    Did you wash the wool roving before you used it for felting soap? I am not sure if you have to or not, but I would think that it would start to smell bad since it was packaged.
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    Has anyone soaped black seed

    Yes, I have soaped black cumin seed oil. It is definitely not a fragrance and it colors the batch itself to a grayish/green. I do not know if the properties of it comes through to the soap though so it might be better used in a lotion but I really like the soap. I only added about 1 oz ppo...
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    Using lye water to melt the oils

    I think someone called this melting the oils with the lye water Heat Transfer. I have done that with a batch or two and it works pretty good as long as the solids are on the softer side like Lard, Coconut or Shortening. I would never even attempt to try it with Shea or Cocoa butter. I do not...
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    16 Pounds of Soap...Need a recipe please~~

    Personally, I would start with a much smaller amount, otherwise you might make a mistake and have to throw it all out. 16 pounds of oils is very expensive to throw away as well as the lye that it takes to make it into soap. Then you have to figure your fragrance oil, essential oils and any add...
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    septic systems and soaping

    A while back, our sink clogged up and so we had to go get some drain cleaner, turns out the drain cleaner was lye, so I do not think that washing soap down your drain would be harmful if it has not saponified because that would mean the lye was active. BUT, I have often wondered if the soap...
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    Experienced seller/soap maker question

    Thank you donniej, that is what I was looking for! I am looking to streamline my soaps by just making say around 10 different fragrance soaps (2-3 of those mens FO's), 3-4 different Essential Oil soaps, a goats milk unscented and a regular unscented, some of the M&P in the fancy molds, then a...
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    Experienced seller/soap maker question

    In your experience, as you sell your soap, have you found it better to have around a dozen different types of soap fragrances and then one without fragrance or do you just do a bunch of soaps and just hope that they sell? TYIA!
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    Lemon Tea Soap

    Those look great, I love all the different tops look. Great job!
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    New Luxury Bar - Cut pics included

    That looks great! Good job!!!
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    Lard + what?

    I would see if you can get some coconut and some castor oil to go with those if you can find them. I found mine at the local Kroger store. They were selling off the castor oil for 1 dollar for a 4 oz. bottle (normally 5 dollars) and the coconut usually costs 5 dollars but I cannot remember how...
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    I have read that you leave your oven on for one hour at the lowest temp then shut it off and leave it in over night. All these differences make me wonder if this is another hit and miss in the soaping world. lol I have never tried this so I have no clue, but I would love to try it in the...
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    Can palm oil go bad?

    "Vegetable oils such as peanut, palm, rice bran, corn, and coconut oil can keep for a year sealed, and six months after opening." ... of-oil.htm
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    I need some help with an ingredient Listing

    Their "pure soap" sounds like pure synthetic detergent to me because it says that they are pressurized. I watched a video on youtube where detergent bars have to be pressed like that.