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    Syndet/CP combination bar?

    Dove bars are a combination of soap and synthetic detergents. Is that type of combination bar possible to make at home? For example if I buy some SCI ( and add it to a batch of my CP soap at trace, will it create a combination bar, or...
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    What happens to the bad stuff in animal fat once saponified?

    For what it's worth, shea butter is edible. If you have food grade shea butter I'd be curious to hear how it is on toast.
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    100% vegetable shortening...not

    Chefmom what SAP do you use for the meat shortening? I've seen it and been tempted, but I wasn't sure how to calculate for it.
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    100% vegetable shortening...not

    GV makes two types: "Shortening" and "All-Vegetable Shortening." The first has tallow and palm, and the second is soy and cottonseed. They don't make one called "100% vegetable shortening."
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    the mystery of the instant cure

    Is it possible that the stench is rancidity? I know you said there's no DOS, but if the soap already has a muddy yellow color, then how would you be able to tell? If her main ingredient is soy oil it seems reasonable to expect rancidity. The way I see it there are two basic possibilities: 1)...
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    Does PKO run hotter than coconut?

    Thanks for the replies! You reminded me that I did use a different FO. Just 1 tbsp each time, but they were different. The first was Brambleberry's Black Tea, and the second was their Papaya Coconut. I've used the Papaya Coconut before in CP without noticing anything, but of course it could...
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    Does PKO run hotter than coconut?

    I'm pretty new to soaping (just did batch #6). I did one batch that was 39/28/28/5 Olive/Palm/Coconut/Castor, and then a few days later another batch that was 60/40 Olive/PKO. Both were 1000g of fat, 330g of water, CPOP one hour in the oven at 170 F, then sitting in the oven overnight with the...
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    Deanna, I have a question...

    Thanks for responding! My description comes from what AnnaMarie wrote in the opening post: "I have an Andalusian recipe for castile soap that is lye heavy, but makes the BEST castile soap and does not get gooey. The bar is wonderful, long lasting, and hard. I know it's the amount of lye...
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    Deanna, I have a question...

    This is such an interesting and educational thread. I've really enjoyed reading it. Here's my intuition on this soap, and since I'm not a chemist I'm hoping DeeAnna or another chemistry-proficient person can tell me if I'm right or wrong: If the soap has a 40% lye surplus, and it becomes more...