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  1. Dorado

    Savon de Marseille

    72% Oliveoil 20% Palmoil 8% Coconutoil 3% Brinewater
  2. Dorado

    SoapCalc is under new management

    Black and orange - perhaps the new owner has Dutch roots .............:sick:
  3. Dorado

    SoapCalc is under new management

    Got rid of the adds, Thank you Arthur
  4. Dorado

    SoapCalc is under new management

    How did you fiddle with settings :confused: Still have flashing adds, very damaging to eyes, I'll have to use another calculator :cry:
  5. Dorado

    coconut oil allergy??

    Think not. Read this: and then check his shampoo
  6. Dorado

    Less soap scum with homemade/natural soaps?

    SOdium Lactate
  7. Dorado

    Less soap scum with homemade/natural soaps?

    I don't have any soapscum in my tiled showers. (I have a house with hard water, and another with soft water, no diff.) Maybe it is because I never use hair-conditioner? or Maybe SOL in soap prevent soap-scum?
  8. Dorado

    Borax or not to borax

    Can deff be EO's or FO's - I don't use Borax and mine can feel a bit rash, when they get older. You can heat it up a bit (not to warm), and add 5% glycerine. Will make it less rash
  9. Dorado

    Cold Process Liquid Soap

    My eczema loves lanolin I add´3% in GLS - but if you'ld like to try something else, not greasy: Mix 1tsp glicerine with 5tsp (1:5) water/rosewater or aloevera juice/gel, spray itching hands several times during the day. Store in fridge (the liquid, not the hands)
  10. Dorado

    So far all my recipes are drying. Any advice?

    Let the soaps mature 8 weeks instead of 4, before use, it might help.
  11. Dorado

    Indigo Powder

    Have a look at Gracefruit
  12. Dorado

    Lining a soap mold

    Sorry my camera does not work. My laminate sheet is cut as the paper here: but only 1 inch higher than the mold, so I do not have fold down the outside.
  13. Dorado

    Lining a soap mold

    No issues here, I use 80 mic. Becomes pretty stiff after heating in the laminator.
  14. Dorado

    Lining a soap mold

    Try hot laminating pouches. Works for me, cheep, can be washed many times. I use it for the pipemold and pringlesmold too, little longer than the mold, no problems pulling the soap out of it.
  15. Dorado

    melt and pour mold

    mold on the scale, water in all shells, or in one. weight of water = weight of soap.
  16. Dorado

    Interesting Find

    How to make Terpentin Seife from Kernseife (german)
  17. Dorado

    almost all olive oil

    How about 72% OliveOil, 20% CoconutOil and 8% CastorOil, SF5%. My favorite BastilleSoap - with or without FO With a 30% Coconutoil I would also up the SF to 10%
  18. Dorado

    Soap-shampoo for eczema

    Gracias Pilar.
  19. Dorado

    Soap-shampoo for eczema

    It looks good. Undoubtedly, many wonderful ingredients in the soap, I would probably have used fewer ingredients for eczema, and certainly no EO / FO. Have you purchased soapnuts in Spain?
  20. Dorado

    First soap made with lard

    Lard is svinefedt. Cheapest in Rema.