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  1. ranbeforewalked

    Tobacco Absolute and Extracts... Safe?

    I was wondering, are tobacco absolutes and extract safe for soap? I don't want to make anything that causes cancer. They seem to be really expensive as well. Do they have a lot of bang for the buck or will it be expensive to get enough tobacco smell? I have a bar that was advertised as...
  2. ranbeforewalked

    Lye and Potash together?

    Thanks guys. I was talking about making a combo. Soapbuddy that's what I figured. I have never done it before so I wanted to be clear.
  3. ranbeforewalked

    Lye and Potash together?

    So I am interested in making a soap that is a combination of lye and potash soap. I have been told that it can definitely be done through milling. Is it possible to mix lye and potash in the same liquid and just do it all together? SoapCalc seems to suggest it is. Can someone help me here...