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    usage rates

    Ok so for the most part all of my FO's say the same usage amount so I use .8oz PPO in the lye calculator and go with that. I recently got black raspberry vanilla and it says the usage rate is 3.5%. Do I just take the amount of oils in my recipe and multiply by 3.5% or do I use the whole weight...
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    curing racks

    Is it OK to cure soap on untreated wooden racks or do I need to line them
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    yellow lye water

    Ok so I usually use aloe juice in my soaps but I was out so I used inner filet aloe I had. It was cold when the lye was added. I also added a tsp of sugar to my water and this is my first time doing that. My soap recipe yields a pretty white bar of soap which makes me super happy. What Im...
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    soap sticking in silcone mold

    well the freezer trick worked to an extent. They came out ok but a couple still stuck. Now that they are out of the mold they are getting hard just fine. Im not sure lol. That was my first time using that mold as well so too many variables I think lol
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    soap sticking in silcone mold

    Im gonna throw it in the freezer lol
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    soap sticking in silcone mold

    actually the only "soft" oils in my recipe castor at 5% and rice bran at 25%. the others are palm, lard, coconut, and mango butter. I would think that 70% hard oils/butters would be fine and I even use sodium lactate lol. I am just like wow really!
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    soap sticking in silcone mold

    Ok so I have a recipe that I love and in my wooden loaf mold worked beautifully. I wanted to do some FO testing so I used a slicone mold with different cavaties. that soap has been in the mold for 3 days and its still sticking at the very bottom when I go to remove it! I dont understand why...
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    oozing soap

    Ok well I will see what I can do about rebatching then. As long as it can be saved somewhow so at least I can use it
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    oozing soap

    yes I hope someone can help lol! Ive never had this happen so Im at a loss here. Certainly dont want to sell anything dangerous. I will put it on the rack and see what happens.
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    Post you ugly soap pics here - Troubleshooting thread

    ok here is my ugly soap Amber romance soap with callendula leaves...they turned green.
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    oozing soap

    ok I stuck it to my zap that I can tell. leaves a minimal taste. I soaped at around 120F. It seems fine. a little thick with the top part. the bottom part was still thin enough to pour. I just spooned in the top part. It was still fluid enough to spread around and such. It...
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    oozing soap

    Ok so I made a honey, goats milk and oatmeal soap the other day. The entire batch has milk and oatmeal but the honey is only in the bottom layer. I mixed the soap and everything was fine. Molded it and put a lid on and placed it outside so it wouldnt overheat. I live in indiana so its pretty...
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    oil blends

    Awesome! Thanks guys!!
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    oil blends

    I have a oil blend fat is 90% soy bean oil and 10% olive pomace oilhow should I put that in the calculator
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    all natural fragrance oils

    Ok so bulk apothecary has all natural fragrance oils and I was interested in maybe using those. Has anyone used them? they have no reviews on their site.
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    Soap smells bad (urine-like)

    my husband says that all my soaps have the same "smell" to them. He is referring to the ones that I made and used small amounts of FO in them. My new batches where I used about 1oz per lb of oils actually smell like the FO. Im not sure what the smell is of the first ones. I would assume soap lol
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    WSP and NG fo "reviews"

    cinnabun I ordered this scent to do holiday soaps with. I really like the scent however when I added it to my soap it seized something terrible! I will not be reordering this scent.
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    could my soap be breaking me out?

    these are like dry patches of skin, they almost look like ringworm in some spots. They are itchy and super dry. look like little bumps. My daughter has skin colored bumps on her legs. my husband and son had some red bumps. it seems we are all having some sort of allergy to something. If I...
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    could my soap be breaking me out?

    Ok I have a couple unscented soaps. Maybe I will try those for a week or so
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    could my soap be breaking me out?

    I have been making soap for about 6 months now. I recently started breaking out in a rash all over. Im curious if anyone else has had this problem with their soaps. could it be the fragrance oils?