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  1. K

    Salt Soap & Fragrance

    I make my salt bars with 90% CO, 10% shea butter, 18 - 20% superfat, and 50% kosher salt. When I do them unscented, they are a beautiful white. The only fragrance I've used in them is agave lime from Nature's Garden. It smells heavenly. I call it my "margarita salt bar!" I've had bars...
  2. K

    Adding oil after cook?

    Thanks! :)
  3. K

    Adding oil after cook?

    Since you can't determine which oil(s) will not get saponified when you superfat, has anyone tried adding the superfat oil to CPHP after the cook? Will that work? My recipe calls for a bit of sweet almond oil for superfatting, but of course there is no way of knowing whether or not that oil...
  4. K

    Homemade DIY Wood mold (pic added)

    Nope, you don't want the lid to touch the soap. So when you sand it down, make sure it still sits above your soap batter.
  5. K

    Scents that have surprised you

    Agave Lime from Nature's Garden. From the bottle is smells a bit like disinfectant, but when I use it in salt soap, it is awesome
  6. K

    In 3 days...

    Congratulations! Hope it went well on Thursday!
  7. K

    Thank you, to all!

    Congrats! Enjoy your success, and many more to come!
  8. K

    Article about antibacterial soaps

    As an ex-microbiologist, I don't allow anything that is anti-bacterial in the house, with the exception of essential oils (and I'm not sure that is such a good idea either). The over-use of antibiotics and such is causing the emergence of the so called "superbugs" that are resistant to nearly...
  9. K

    Back in the saddle again...finally!

    Hey all! Glad to be back! I'll try and get some pics posted, but they are going to be pretty boring - I only colored one batch. Now if you could just smell the soap!.....
  10. K

    My order from BrambleBerry just arrived

    I just got the rich dark chocolate in my order a few days ago. Lucky for me, I'm going to make my students S'more soaps for the holidays, and that will work just fine.......
  11. K

    Trying my first 100% Coconut Oil soap and questions?

    Irishlass, What do you think the bubble wrap does to prevent the cracking? Seems like the insulation from the bubble wrap would encourage over heating, so therefore cracking.
  12. K

    suggestion for high humidity areas and lye

    I agree. I would never store lye solution. I don't care that it takes some time to mix it up fresh each batch. I don't have young kids, but I do have cats that wander all over the house - and in the basement. And the garage is not a good environment to store chemicals either.
  13. K

    Back in the saddle again...finally!

    I've had a pretty rough summer, and haven't had the chance to soap for about three months. Haven't been on the board much either. Anyway, I finally got the chance to do some soaping the past two days. Nothing fancy, just a couple of batches of my go to shower soap recipe, and a batch of salt...
  14. K

    Laundry Bars

    A superfat of 5% is a superfat of 5%. To make laundry soap, enter a superfat of 0% into the lye calculator.
  15. K

    aloe vera

    I've used aloe juice instead of water, 100%. Dissolved my lye in it and had no problems. Since even at trace most of the lye is still active, adding aloe juice at trace isn't going to "save" it from the lye, if the lye is going to do anything to it. I don't know how much lye will react with...
  16. K

    oils for soap

    Yes, you don't have to order the coconut oil, as long as what you are buying is pure coconut oil.
  17. K

    Salt bar sucks

    As I understand it, coconut oil is the only oil that, when made into soap, will lather in salt water. So the caster oil shouldn't increase the lather at all. But I've never actually tried it. I've used my salt bars on the body, and they lather terrifically. I made my first (and only) two...
  18. K

    Steel Soap

    Interesting. However, I make a kitchens soap with eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils. I like that a lot better than stainless steel. Smells better too.
  19. K

    Crockpot question

    I use a cheap, no-frills crock pot for my HP and have never had a problem. I wouldn't pay for all the bells and whistles.
  20. K

    Gelling vs Non-Gelling

    I did a post on my blog about gel: It has pictures too.