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    Fruit Butters

    Ha! It sure enough does... lol
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    Fruit Butters

    Hello All! I was searching around the other day for a place to shop from in Texas and came across a company that sells things like Strawberry butter. I've never heard of anything like that or seen it in any recipe... so my questions are: 1.) How would one use this? 2.) What kind of...
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    An update on Wes, my little cousin

    Well that's a little bit better news then before though! Hang in there!
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    Body Butter

    thank you! Yes it is a good feeling! I started getting excited when I started seeing the peaks! I was like OMG! OMG! I SEE EM! and was jumping up and down :lol:
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    The word association game

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    Molds and more for sell or trade - updated!!

    are you still trying to sell some of these items?
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    The word association game

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    The Weiner Dog Song

    hahaha I sent it to my friend who just got a mini wini! hahahaha
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    Body Butter

    Made my first small batch of body butter and it came out awesome! I used Green Tea Butter, Shea and Cocoa butter and some Avacado oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond and something else I think and a cornstarch and beeswax and it came out AWESOME! :shock:
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    Great Grandma's "Turpentine" Soap.....stain stick

    This one is definetly on my to-do list
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    those are amazingly good for using scrap hardwood :D
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    The Weiner Dog Song
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    The word association game

    choosers 8)
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    Happy Christmas!

    Happy Holidays guys. Again I know I've been away from the fun, Work has been very tedious lately. Since the Holidays started we've been having to bust our behinds to make sure everything gets done before we leave to see our familys and the sorts. I'm so glad that i'm going to be on leave...
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    Dogs love their soldiers, too

    awwwwwwwww that's the sweetest thing EVER
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    Fort Hood

    thanks Ian :)
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    Fort Hood

    thanks for the support Jude. I'm sure youre right, but we'll see what happens tomorrow morning at first formation.
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    Fort Hood

    that's what my family kept saying. Where I would of been wasn't very far from the whole thing... I got reeeaallllyyyy lucky. My mom was crying when she heard the news about ft hood and she kept looking at me to my grandma (we were at the viewing) to me and back to her.. it was crazy.
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    cute quote I found lol

    my dad always says " you recognize me without my sandals" and I just shake my head..
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    Fort Hood

    Thanks Deda. Yes this was something very unexpected on both ends of my table. I just found out tonight from my room mate about the 1LT that was in our company, she had just left and she was in there when all the shooting started, he told me later... that she was only shot and is still at the...