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  1. Hai_Uyen

    This weeks soaps

    So gorgeous! Well done.
  2. Hai_Uyen

    Yesterday's Efforts

    Like them all. Well done
  3. Hai_Uyen

    My first CP Soap

    Congratulations! Nice soap.
  4. Hai_Uyen

    Mica oil swirl

    Just gorgeous!
  5. Hai_Uyen

    Veggie Lavender Essential Oil Soap

    Beautiful color. Those are lovely!
  6. Hai_Uyen

    New Video

    Well done. Beautiful soap!
  7. Hai_Uyen

    Great recipe for tallow/lard!

    Thank for sharing!
  8. Hai_Uyen

    Gold mica swirls

    That's fabulous!
  9. Hai_Uyen

    Rimmed Soaps.

    Great. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Hai_Uyen


  11. Hai_Uyen

    Soap I Make

    Lovely job. They are so beautiful!
  12. Hai_Uyen

    My first soaps!

    They are so pretty!
  13. Hai_Uyen

    I couldn't wait!!!

    Love your soap. Nice work!
  14. Hai_Uyen

    Inspired by osso

    I love this. The colors are beautiful!
  15. Hai_Uyen

    Cafe Mocha Soap

    Those are lovely!
  16. Hai_Uyen

    Game of Thrones Soap

    Cool. I Love it!