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    Needing help with beard shampoo for my man

    Hey there! There's wide variety of base cleaner you may add like vitamin E oil or grapeseed oil would also work. Don't forget to add almond oil and coconut oil to your beard shampoo. Soap made from palm kernel oil, coconut oil, and babassu are strong cleansers. to know how to make a beard...
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    Total newbie need help making some great beard stuff!!!

    Hey there! Read your post and got what you wanna ask. If you want to make beard balm and suggested is that for cleaning capability you can add some jojoba or coconut oil, little amount of castile soap for lather purpose, peppermint oil for deep conditioning and tea tree oil for slight fragrance...
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    Scents you are looking for

    Looking for a white lily, jojoba oil and sandalwood fragrance- Sweet and floral.