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    Ugly soap! Would Y'all sell it?

    Excellent idea, Katie!
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    Ugly soap! Would Y'all sell it?

    I agree with Shunt about keeping up your business image. I wouldn't sell it... I don't even like to give away ugly rebatches. I'd use it myself, shred it up for scrubs, or donate to a homeless shelter or other charity like the dog pound. Or just keep it several years until your family runs...
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    BB sale - talk me down!

    A lot of people on another forum, also mourning the loss of TSW, say that SC's is quite good... less sweet and perfumey than BB's, and stronger than MM's.
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    No-Poos?? Anybody tried this?

    I wash my hair every time I get in the shower... I just don't use shampoo or conditioner. I don't usually use baking soda either... just water, then a diluted vinegar rinse. My thin, fine hair does not smell, look greasy or dirty or flat; it is not fly-away or static-y. It has shine and a lot...
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    No-Poos?? Anybody tried this?

    Dry shampoos have been around for many decades, maybe hundreds of years, usually made of clays, starches and other powders. I used them back in the late 60's when the leather brace for my fractured neck didn't allow showers. Shake the powder on, massage it in, then brush brush brush it out. But...
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    Coffee Soap....Less talk, more action

    I used coffee, patchouli and peppermint.
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    Smell receptors throughout the body

    Fascinating NYTimes article about body smell receptors that help Aromatherapy is good after all!
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    The Color Purple

    Try UM violet with UM blue. From my files:
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    Why is my Pine Tar soap so light?

    Specks are probably the calendula petals, but I rather like the lighter color soap myself! what brand of PT did you use?
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made some dental soap last night, with xylitol and salt, flavored with spearmint, fennel and peppermint EOs.
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    Is it possible to make a HARD bar of sensitive soap

    Joseph, do you have hard water? Hard water will make your skin feel dry even without soap. Adding salt can make a big difference... sort of like a built-in water softener. :)
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    Anyone tried red palm oil?

    I experimented with some Nutiva RPO a couple of years ago. Because I'd read a high percentage of RPO causes orange lather, I used 10% palm, which turned the batter quite yellow. I then split batter for a three-color swirl with charcoal, and red and yellow oxides. The palm turned the red...
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    Soapmaker's Soap?

    I use a vinegar-Dawn mix, my main cleaner for most everything for the last two years. I make it by the gallon in old vinegar jugs: 1 qt vinegar, 1 qt water, 1/2-1 Tbsp Dawn (stronger for heavy-duty grease cleaning). It's very cheap, gentle and safe, removes scent pretty well, cuts grease...
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    Which is better...

    I love avocado oil, plus it's more stable than almond oil.
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    Best quality ingredients, RBD, organic... questions.

    Think about all the air that the seed oils are exposed to while being squeezed and tossed and rotated, etc during processing.
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    what is most likely the culprit?

    RBO and almond can go rancid fairly quickly without refrigeration and change fragrance, IME. Do you store your high-lino seed oils in the fridge or on a shelf? Considering the extensive processing most seed oils undergo, it's not surprising they can go rancid fairly quickly after opening.
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    Ghost Swirl

    Personally, I love this wispy-ness. Not everything has to be in-your-face obvious. :)
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    Best quality ingredients, RBD, organic... questions.

    Check out how olive oil is made... I like how the processor sips the oil as soon as it's pressed:
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    Best quality ingredients, RBD, organic... questions.

    Virgin coconut oil is naturally white anyway; further refining is done to remove the natural coconut scent, as with cocoa butter. RBD is mostly for palm oils and GMO seed oils. Watch this video that shows how canola oil requires solvents, industrial steaming, dewaxing, bleaching, and...
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    Homemade butter, the buttermilk

    Having milked cows and goats over many years, I've made a ton of butter, both cultured and uncultured. Basically what remains after making sweet (uncultured) butter is a kind of grayish, skimmed milk... it is not the same as cultured buttermilk in stores and in powders. It's actually rather...