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    a question on soap

    i was wornding because i ues stearic acid and i have never used it , but i knew beter just got turned around, but thanks
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    a question on soap

    i was making a batch of soap and i poured the oil in the lye mix and it set up before i had time to blend it , so i turned it into hp put it on a double boiler until it softend up. but the question is did i do this buy mixing it wrong or would it have set up that quick puting the lye in the oil?
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    cp shaving soap

    i have been trying to make a cp shaving soap have made 5 batches so far and all but the last one has been bath soap the lather has faded fast, on the last batch i put this in it lanolin 5 oz. palm oil 5 oz. tallow 25oz cottonseed oil 15 olive oil 10 oz. coconut 76 deg. 10 oz...
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    shaving cream

    yes xyxoxy i have got a good shave soap cp with cottonseed oil ,tallow lanion ,avacado, oliveoil, palm, castor,clay , it is 2 weeks old and it has already making good shave, will try to find this thread, thanks
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    shaving cream

    does anyone make there on shaving cream i am just geting started and have no clue on how to. so help please?