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    Too much lye in my LS!

    Castile I added it and it worked! Feels like heaven! Thank you!
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    Laundry soap questions

    My recipe is 6 oz of CO 8 oz of borax 8 oz of washing powder 6 c. of boiled distilled water I boil the water and add the borax, stir until dissolved. Add the grated coconut oil soap, until dissolved, than add the powder. Let set for...
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    Too much lye in my LS!

    48 ounces 6.9 ounces KOH 4.2 ounces NaOH 33.3 ounces dh2o I wish soaping taught me patience! As of yet, nothing has been able to achieve that! I'm almost 60!!!
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    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    Can we use this recipe for liquid soap shampoo?
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    Too much lye in my LS!

    My third attempt at LS was a Castile soap. I have since found out it is 35% lye heavy. What are my options? How do I make this right? I used 48 ozs. of OO.