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    Laundry soap question

    Zany, once you got the stain out, how did you get the olive oil out of the blouse, did you wash it by hand or in your washer? Who knew? Do you think it works on other fabrics like cotton? Thanks for the other suggestions. So here is another question - has anyone made a superfatted soap, then...
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    Laundry soap question

    Laundry soap Thanks for your replies. I had not heard of the Carbona, I will try that first - thanks Cmzaha. Nice that's it's formulated for oil stains and very inexpensive. You also answered my question about whether a lye heavy soap would pull out oil - since this does not happen I will nix...
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    Laundry soap question

    Hi everyone. For clothes that have set oily stains (I always seem to get these on sweatshirts) I was thinking about making a really lye-heavy bar of laundry soap and using the shredded soap + borax + washing soda recipe, or using the bar as a stain stick - reasoning that lye might attract the...
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    Goats milk soap fail

    Hi Lenarenee, yes I did blend it - pretty long, it had a good trace. I'm confused too - how can soap batter with the viscosity of pudding become liquid? I would not say as thin as olive oil, a little thicker but very clear. Irishlass and Obsidian I was doing HP - after I posted yesterday I went...
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    Goats milk soap fail

    Hi everyone! I have been making soap for 5 years now but not very often, I have made maybe 30-40 batches for friends and family, so still a beginner. I tried goats milk soap a few times by adding the slushy frozen milk to my lye solution and it turned out well, though a little more scorched...
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    Need some help troubleshooting soap batch gone wrong

    Thank you Thank you Obsidian! Now that I know what I did I will fix it next time - maybe just stick with CP milk soap. I read a post somewhere to that recommended CPOPing milk soaps in a cooler oven, like 140 degrees. I threw the soap away, it didn't occur to me to put it in the crock pot, I...
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    Need some help troubleshooting soap batch gone wrong

    Hi everyone! I have been making soap for about two years, just for friends and family so only every other month or so. I have made a two batches of CP Goat's Milk soap and it is my favorite. So I just made my first really unusable batch - and thinking through what I did wrong. I wanted to...
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    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    I made Lindy's original recipe a few months after it was posted by Genny. I made a ginormous batch and I am still using it - so I have been using this instead of commercial shampoo for over a year, with no additional styling products. I swim 4x a week so because of that I wash it often, but on...
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    Recyclying amber EO and FO bottles

    Has anyone come up with good alternate uses for empty amber FO and EO bottles? I have several that I can't bring myself to throw away, especially the ones with the dropper tops. The little sample ones are so cute I keep thinking there must be something I can do with them. If they were...
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    Happy with Bramble Berry Order

    Brambleberry- meh I am going to be the maverick here - I agree that most of Brambleberry's products are good quality (I say most because I have had one item I was not happy with, and have not tried everything) and their sales strategy (Soap Queen, demos etc) is comprehensive. I do feel though...
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    I made a big batch with this a week ago - in both HP and CP, it died completely - disappointing. I also put it in a batch of whipped soap and you can still smell it but not much. I tried a sample bottle of BB Island Coconut and in stayed pretty well.
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    Instead of standing for hours steaming bars...

    Can you "dunk and polish" a bar that has a swirly top? I wasn't sure if it would melt any of the detail or wash away the micas. By "polish" do you mean just rub it down with a smooth rag or towel? I have been spraying with alchohol and so far that has worked pretty well, but I have forgotten a...
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    Trying to fix a batch

    I think I found the answer here:;wap2 "French fry smell" describes the soap's odor exactly. I put the oils in the crock pot at room temp and used the low setting so I must have cooked it too long, so it overheated.
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    Rendering my first batch of tallow

    Does anyone know if tallow is the same no matter what part of the body it comes from? For example, fat from bacon, pork chops, and pork ribs - all the same?
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    Shampoo Bar - Thanks Lindy!!

    I HP’d the original shampoo bar, although I overpoured the OO ): by 1.5 ounces. I adjusted the lye accordingly. I have been using it for about two weeks and I really like it, I was concerned because of the extra OO but it seems fine. I broke up the batch and made a few bars scented with...
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    white cloths turning gray

    I have somewhat hard water - I used the Fels Naptha recipe for a long time and it does make whites a little dingy so every few weeks I would use reg detergent. However recently I made a batch of basic lard soap and it works great even in an HE washer. I mixed it up with some Borax and use maybe...
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    Soapcalc question

    Thank you so much for your replies. VanessaP, I see what you are saying... but my problem is this: if I overpoured an oil in a regular soap recipe I could just add it and recalculate - got that. But since this recipe was a shampoo bar, I wanted to keep the overall ratios the same. So I...
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    Soapcalc question

    Hi everyone, I HP'd Lindy's famous shampoo bar this weekend - this is batch # 13 of soap for me. I started out measuring out my oils separately (in my first few batches), but I was concerned because you leave a little bit of...
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    Hp in crock pot ??

    I am new to and I am on my 11th batch of soap. My first batch of soap was a simple OO/Coconut with BBerry Lemongrass EO and it turned out perfect, divine smell and lather. Since then, there has been something I didn't like about every batch - smell wasn't strong enough, smell was off, titanium...
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    Trying to fix a batch

    OO Odor No problem Hazel! I think my question was answered - a few folks have made OO soap with no odor so it must be something else - it must have been over or under cooked. I ended having to throw the batch out. Since lizflowers uses pomace with no diff in smell or color I will have to try...