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    PIF help? (UK)

    the PIF sent to me by my assessor was a general example that included info for different types of product as well as cold process soap, and info that i had in seperate files like MSDSs and such, i was just having trouble weeding out the bits i didn't need and didn't want to accidentally take out...
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    PIF help? (UK)

    Hi, I have my first craft stall selling my soaps in just under a week. I have completed most of my PIFs for my products but I want to make doubly sure I have everything in there that I need so I'll have it with me on the day just incase it's needed. What is all the information you are...
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    Canadian regulations

    Hi, I'm currently in the UK but am maybe looking to move to Canada in the next year or so. I really want to be prepared in advance and know what to expect, so does anyone know what regulations you have to follow in order to legally sell soap in Canada? In the UK it seems quite strict. You...
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    Hi, I'm new ~

    Hi, my name is Hannah and I'm from Brighton, UK. I started making soap after I went to a M&P workshop last year, then swiftly moved onto teaching myself CP. A few months on and I'm addicted. I have my first craft fair in 3 weeks and I just started a facebook page for my soaps here...