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  1. Omneya

    Can anyone else make a bath bomb ready to use in under ten minutes

    He made it in seven min. That is it. Just 1! All that fancy expensive equipment and he has no gloves on :???:
  2. Omneya

    Winners - 1st Annual Design Your Own Mold Competition

    Congratz to both!! Where can I see these molds? I am so outta the loop here, I am sorry.
  3. Omneya


    I think it is awesome to share your story. You cat is beautiful! Also I was checking some things out and thought it was a website, but I guess I can't buy anything from there :( Do you have a website?
  4. Omneya

    My recipe I use 99.9% of the time

    Okay so this is the recipe I use for almost every soap Additives- SL, Silk, Raw Sugar,(added to lye water) Kaolin clay and Colloidal oats added to oils Coconut Oil, 76 -25% Palm Oil-20% Olive Oil-15% Rice Bran Oil,-10% High Oleic Canola Oil-10% Cocoa Butter-7% Shea Butter-7%...
  5. Omneya

    Bath bombs and cats

    I would just have your "mommy and Me time" and other days, just a close the door "mommy day" So cute that he likes to take a bath. Mine comes and peeps at me and yes he is in the bath room with me every time I have to go in there. He hates to see that door closed. Keeping him safe is the highest...
  6. Omneya

    Need soap planer/beveler - any suggestions?

    I got mine from Custom soap stamps. Alex is really nice guy. I got the package deal, which included and 12 wire cutter and the planer/beveler. I also had a coupon code. It is maid out of acrylic and rinses of nicely. It will never rust either...
  7. Omneya

    Feedback please for a challenge idea

    I ma down for what ever you choose. I only bring it to emulsion all the time. My soap recipe and and the temps usually thicken it up a bit, the the FO or EO combo can bring it thicker sometimes. So what ever you choose. I tried that tear drop swirl 3 times and it came out ugly each time LOL
  8. Omneya

    Finding rice bran oil?

    Rice bran oil Actually Bramble berry has free shipping up to $25.00 until July 5th The coupon code is CREATENOW
  9. Omneya

    SMF June Challenge Peacock Swirls

    Congratz to Soapprentice, HowieRoll and newbie & dibbles :)
  10. Omneya

    SMF Soap Challenge -July 2017 Mermaid Tail Soaps

    1. earlene - I have not seen this one before; it should be fun! 2. Omneya- I have seen this before, but it was called dragon scales. Still want to try it!
  11. Omneya

    Peacock Swirl Entry Thread

    My Photo skills blow first off. They look orangy for some reason that I can not figure out how to use my camera. In natural light they are better. I used Goldenfinger(MM) on the bottom which was just a thin layer and just the mica in oil on the top for interest. Other colors were.. sexy stranger...
  12. Omneya

    Un-Talcum Powder

    I will try both but I don't have DM or MH. I have to get those Oh man the under boon struggle is so bad in the summer and yes i get like rashes there and the only thing that was helping was the vagasil powder. It cleared it right up. But if I can make my own I will be much happier.
  13. Omneya

    Un-Talcum Powder

    Thank you so much for the recipe. Underboob sweat is a real thing and I hate sweating there. I had no clue where to start to even make hand made powder for myself. I have been using the powder from Vagasil for under my boobs. Now i can make my own (Thanks to you) and be completely free of store...
  14. Omneya

    Texas Natural Supplies

    Thanks for the link. I am going to check them out. I like the full list of herbs they have that I need to get for my daughter's skin condition. They have them ALL. So to be able to get all of them at one place is a big Win for me.
  15. Omneya

    Moon Cake Bath Goodies

  16. Omneya

    can you halve recipes?

    Every recipe has to be run through a soap calculator. Even if i want to make a smaller batch of one of my recipes. I have to run it through the calculator. That is how I do it with every recipe
  17. Omneya

    Abyssinian kittens, cucumbers

    Mabrook on the kittysssssssssss:) I wish I lived closer to beable to adopt one of them
  18. Omneya

    SMF June Challenge Peacock Swirls

    1. toxikon - Oo oo so pretty! 2. Omneya- have always wanted to try this :)
  19. Omneya

    SMF April 2017 Challenge-Stripes

    Mabrook to every one that won, and to all that entered <3
  20. Omneya

    May 2017 SMF Soap Challenge - fluid acrylic cell pour

    Here is where the last time I saw the "sign up" 1. dibbles - I've done this with paint - super fun! 2. Newbie-love me some new techniques 3. Artemis- I have a vision forming in my mind. I hope I have time to do it! 4. BattleGnome - I finally have more than 1 day off in a row! Fingers crossed I...