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    scent went bad in my lotion

    So, did the lotion smell weird right from the beginning or soon afterwards?
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    Castor Oil Dos

    Well, I made soap with up to 10 % of castor oil and haven't had DOS on any one (yet). But then again, I started soaping in April. What else is in your soap?
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    Well, you didn't say it separated, just that it didn't harden, but that it did turn thick. That makes me think there was too much water. How much water did you add?
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    scent for oatmeal and honey soap??

    I used lavender EO.
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    Salt Bar Mistake

    I can't imagine why you couldn't use it, provided it isn't lye heavy. Soap is a soap, so you will get clean. :wink:
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    How do you clean up your raw soap?

    Oh, believe me I did! I had the same problem even when I washed my pots first with dishwashing detergent, didn't rinse and put in dishwasher. And there I thought I was so smart for putting some detergent (for dishwashing by hands) to help clean my pots better in dishwasher.
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    How do you clean up your raw soap?

    I don't recommend putting raw soap in dishwasher. What happened was all of my dishes and glasses (still few loads after I washed soapy dishes) were cloudy, I had to wash everything by hand. Later I found out that too strong alkaline solutions can cause etching. It was very hard to get rid of...
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    Hot Process - Woodgrain effect?

    Well I am NO expert on HP either, I only did one, by accident. :lol: I did get similar effect. I think you get this effect when the soap is already thick and when pouring in the mold, you don't press the bather down. So you get some air pockets.
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    Biggest mess after 18 months.

    The first time I made soap the same thing happened to me. What I did was put my soap in double boiler, until it was liquid enough to stick blend and then pour in the mold. When the soap gels it's more runny, so it was easy to blend and then pour. I guess it's too late for this now for your...
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    CP soap on a hot day

    I don't think your soap will melt at that temperature. If it would, rebatching would be so easy. :wink:
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    Can you make soap using soya milk?

    Actually, rubato456 is making vegan soaps, so she uses soy milk instead of goat's milk. She has many soaps made with soy milk posted in photo galery. :)
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    Help improve my lotion recipe

    I am making lotion without stearic acid. It isn't too thin and not too thick. It looks as a cream, but when you apply it to the skin it behaves as a lotion, if you know what I mean. I use e-wax at 6-7%.
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    soap & a funny story

    I bet your oatmeal drank up your water, that's why it got so hard. My bars with added oatmeal seem harder too. Nice soap! I don't know what to say about the gentleman. :roll: :lol:
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    ETSY feedback

    Tabitha, I get what you are saying. Thanks for letting me know from sellers point of view. Mine is more along this lines:
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    what'll sugar do, really?

    I skimmed over this thread so it might've been mentioned already... I use icing/confectionery sugar, it dissolves in no time.
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    Liquid Castille

    Of course! I just have to do it first. :wink: I am not at home yet, but will be in few days. I don't have any bar of pure castille, so I will try with other soap I have.
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    Liquid Castille

    Wow, how come I haven't seen this before? Can't wait to try it out! Just like cooking jam. :D
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    Bubbles for kids?

    My kids got bath time fun package of stuff. So, I can tell you what was in it. There wasn't anything bubbly unfortunately. So, it had bath bombs and one fun thing was that in middle of it there was a capsule (gelatinous stuff that surrounds medication). When it melted out popped a tiny sponge...
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    Using liquid stevia in lip balms

    I haven't made lip balm yet, but judging from what use, I guess that lip balm usually doesn't contain water. Is that right? If that's so, then when you add liquid stevia, you add water, which doesn't mix well with oils and butters, so you get emulsion that separates. So, you would need to add an...
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    anti itch cream??

    How about colloidal oatmeal? It's also natural remedy for itchy skin.