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  1. Cess

    Sodium lactate

    Hi guys, I've been having problems unmolding lately... tried a 100% olive oil soap for the first time and was not satisfied with the result. I have like 10 liters of old olive oil and I was wondering if it would make it easier to unmold. Do you discount it from the lye solution?
  2. Cess

    HI SoapMaking Forum! Hi to all! Saying hi from Argentina ;)

    Hola!!! I am also from Argentina, though now long time away. Welcome!!!
  3. Cess

    Noni Soap

    Actually grandma is nonna and grandpa nonno, together they are nonni. In italian the double consonant is longer so the sound is quite different... Though in English we can't really do these silly double consonants, so it would pretty much the same! :)
  4. Cess

    Oat Milk Soaping (Mis)adventures.

    Hi! Lovely looking soap! I've just finished a little batch with oat bran. I made a ACV soap and added some honey too. They are sitting in the fridge now (first time I try this, I made my very first batch with honey and I am happy with the result in terms of going to gel phase, but would like...
  5. Cess

    Hi! new soapmaker in Sicily!

    Thank you Relle! Rsapienza I just googled Gratteri, quite far from me, I'm in Ragusa, but looks like a magical little town, if I could only take time off work! uf! Irish Lass.... Where in the emeral island are you? Lived in wild Kerry for 3 years and I do miss the rain sometimes :)
  6. Cess

    Hi! new soapmaker in Sicily!

    Hi! Thanks for welcoming me! Yes, not in the US, Italy Sicily, down as south as you can get! :)
  7. Cess

    Hi! new soapmaker in Sicily!

    hi guys, I'm Cecile, a new soapmaker doing some experiments and playing with oils and lye in order to make products that will agree with my skin better. Plus, is fun! I'm originally from Argentina, but living in Sicily now, so it's sometimes hard to find the right products (though I can...
  8. Cess

    Green colourant?

    Hi! I'm totally new to this, but I used neetle herb podwer. Super cheap on Amazon It{s a poder so feels like mica and gives the soap a dark olive green color, doesn't smell and, well, I don't know if it last long or not.... not yet!:P The pic is from my first time using green, I did it again...