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  1. SoapCake

    High Water Discount and Slow Trace

    Yes I am using them interchangeably, they are the same thing Edited to add: I could have said "a 40% lye concentration or higher reverses the usual acceleration from using a high lye concentration" but that sounded weird to me which is why I said high lye concentration/water discount. Anyhoo...
  2. SoapCake

    High Water Discount and Slow Trace

    Yes, of course. That's my question. There was a previous thread with a few people saying that using a high lye concentration/water discount resulted in a slower moving batter. I'm wondering how many others have tested this and found it to be true. From what I read, a 40% lye concentration or...
  3. SoapCake

    High Water Discount and Slow Trace

    Hello! I have done a lot of research and experimenting with slowing down trace over the last year in an attempt to have more time with coloring while still pouring at a thinner trace. My recipes have always traced really quickly with only a few short pulses of the stick blender, so I went on the...
  4. SoapCake

    Micellar Water

    Actually Glucosides are one of the most gentle surfactants there are, they are frequently used in baby products and for sensitive skin. Just because it has a higher pH doesn't mean it's not skin friendly, it just means you need to check and adjust the pH if necessary (which should be done with...
  5. SoapCake

    What was an "AHA" moment for you, in learning how to soap

    My AHA moment was when I finally mastered controlling the trace and not letting it control me, then also using the RTCP (heat transfer) method and realizing I don't need the oils and lye to be the same temp. This has saved me SO much time! Next I will be masterbatching my lye
  6. SoapCake

    Any suggestions for Palm oil supplier?

    Not sure who you use but WSP has a great, easy to use no stir palm oil in 50lb cubes, and free shipping
  7. SoapCake

    Transparent soap - UPDATE with photos!

    Great job, love the look of the embeds in there! I wonder if the transparent soap performs similar to CP/HP? I can't wait to try my hand at this once I get some Everclear. I'll make sure to post photos.
  8. SoapCake

    WSP Sale

    I grabbed a box of the palm oil, which I recently ordered already so now I've got over 100lbs of it. I should be good for a bit now! Haven't jumped on the pumpkin fragrances though.
  9. SoapCake

    I would like to *clone* a commercially produced soap

    I would like to comment that there is also the option to "conversationally" list the ingredients of soap if desired. But it must be made clear to the consumer that it is not a formal ingredients list. In this instance, you may say things like "Saponified..." or whatever you prefer. But again, it...