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  1. bambi

    Soaping temperature using wax

    Thanks for the tips! Will definitely try it soon. Is 1% enough to make the soap lasts longer? I use butters but I don't use palm/lard/tallow.
  2. bambi

    Soaping temperature using wax

    Just tried it. I soaped warmer than usual. It accelerated a bit faster than usual too at 5%. Pretty sure can't do intricate design when using it
  3. bambi

    Soaping temperature using wax

    To those who use wax (beeswax, soywax, etc) in cp soaps, on what temp do you soap? I normally soap at room temp but I'm afraid the wax will go brittle if I wait til it cools down.
  4. bambi

    Wax in soaps

    Has anyone tried to use wax in soaps? I heard it makes the bar hard but I wonder if it helps to make a longer lasting bar for palm oil-free soap? I'm interested in Candelilla wax, but are other waxes better for soaps? And is around 1-2% effective enough without cutting the lather? Also my...
  5. bambi

    FO and aloe vera

    Does aloe vera make FO disappeared or faded? I have a couple batches of cp soap using fresh aloe vera that I puréed myself as a water replacement and FO on both batches dont really come out. I love aloe vera in soap though. Out of curiosity I remade one of them with the same recipe and additives...
  6. bambi

    The word association game

  7. bambi

    Cutting CP soap with cookie cutter

    Thanks, mzimm! Can't wait to try it :)
  8. bambi

    Cutting CP soap with cookie cutter

    I found this cookie cutter with shape and size I like. it's a regular stainless steel animal-shaped medium size cookie cutter for baking. I wonder if it can be used to cut CP soap as I don't do M&P. Is it possible if I make the cp soap using a slab mold with the same height as the cookie cutter...
  9. bambi

    Batch #8 (I think...lost count)

    Love the blue!
  10. bambi

    Bumble & Bumble shampoo scent

    Kind of a long shot but here you go. I use Bumble and Bumble thickening shampoo and love the scent. It smells like leaf, rain, grass, dew, well something green. I don't make shampoo yet but would love to have the scent on my soaps. Any FO dupe for this? TIA
  11. bambi

    dimensions of a bar of soap

    Ok, so that kind of loaf mold is not exactly 3x3 but I can use it for square soaps if I fill the oil to the top? Thanks! :)
  12. bambi

    dimensions of a bar of soap

    Lenarenee and Tvivian, May I know where can I get the 3x3 (square) loaf mold? I really love the look of square soaps too
  13. bambi

    whipped body butter in the tropics

    Hi, I wanna try to make a small batch of whipped body butter/mousse for myself. I live in the tropics, temperature is high 90s on average with 90% humidity or higher. What's a good butters and oils ratio / percentage to keep the buttery texture nice and not too melted? Any tips what additive...
  14. bambi

    Cleansing oil question

    Thanks for the replies, all. Swiftcraftymonkey blog is amazing!
  15. bambi

    Happy Earth Day 2016

    Carl Sagan is my hero. I've heard and seen visualizations of the pale blue dot but I've never seen this version of animation. Soooo good! Thanks for sharing :)
  16. bambi

    Cleansing oil question

    I like The Body Shop chamomile cleansing oil to remove (even my waterproof eye)makeup and thought about making something like that myself. But then I thought, how do you make a DIY cleansing oil without surfactant? I'm not sure without it the oils can be rinsed off completely.
  17. bambi

    Beer Soap

    Cool! Will try this way next time
  18. bambi

    Beer Soap

    I don't know. Had no acceleration issues like this with my previous beer soaps using the same preparations. Only this time I used Guiness and 33% lye concentration. But agreed on alcohol traces can be drying.
  19. bambi

    Beer Soap

    Here's how I prep the beer for this batch and the previous ones: 1. Open it and let it sits for 2-3 days. 2. Simmer it for 15 minutes. 3. Freeze it for a night. 4. Take it out of the fridge and wait a little while until it turns nice and slushy and mix it with the lye.