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  1. Paintguru

    Is down or is it just my device?

    Yeah this outage had me find soapmakingfriend. It is great so far.
  2. Paintguru

    Bulk Apothecary

    Yeah I don't mind their shipping and I'm always able to find a 10% off or $5 off coupon. Their prices on most things are really good, which is why I'm annoyed when half the stuff I need is not in stock. I just ordered jars and a few oils/butters from another place just because I was sick of...
  3. Paintguru

    Less oily body butter please!

    I know someone said starches can make the butter grainy, but I did find tapioca starch helped my whipped butter. As others have said, with no water and all fats, it will be somewhat greasy regardless. However, I feel like the tapioca helps limit that greasiness.
  4. Paintguru

    Bulk Apothecary

    Is it just me, or is everything I need out of stock at BA? They have great prices, but if I can never buy what I need from them, it kinda makes it a moot point!!!
  5. Paintguru

    Printer woes (labels) and recommendations

    Yeah I did all that initially. Again, for now, I think I'm happy with it. I can tweak the colors a bit more if necessary.
  6. Paintguru

    Printer woes (labels) and recommendations

    Well I updated everything (driver, firmware, etc.) and now I got the correct view of the Brother driver screen. Still no improvement in print quality. :( Actually, tweaking the color profile and cranking up the saturation to max and playing with a few of the other sliders did help enough to...
  7. Paintguru

    Printer woes (labels) and recommendations

    Yeah I will look for the Brother thing you posted pre-edit and also try reinstalling the download. I agree that it looks like it is conserving toner, just not sure why!
  8. Paintguru

    Printer woes (labels) and recommendations

    I did try that, but Windows 10 appears different from the menus shown there. I tried the "vivid" print setting to no avail as well. All toner saving settings on the printer are turned off too. I'll check again tonight.
  9. Paintguru

    Printer woes (labels) and recommendations

    I purchased the Brother HL3170CDW color laser in 2013 when I first started out making labels for my products. I took a break for a while, but am back and tried to make a fresh batch of new labels. I noticed that the colors from this batch were a poor match to the screen color and just blah...
  10. Paintguru

    Wix Thanksgiving sale

    I posted this on the Etsy thread, but for those interested, Wix is having a 50% off Thanksgiving sale on e-commerce sites. 1 year for 8.50/mth.
  11. Paintguru

    Why Etsy?

    FYI, Wix has a Thanksgiving sale on the e-commerce package...50% off.
  12. Paintguru

    Best scent for whipped butter/other lotions?

    I plan on making some whipped butter for Christmas gifts and am curious what scent(s) folks like in their lotion/body products?
  13. Paintguru

    Plastic jars for body butter

    Anyone have a good source for double walled or some other, decent plastic jar for whipped or body butter? Bulk Apothecary seemed to be the best I could find.
  14. Paintguru

    Why Etsy?

    Yeah I think I'd prefer everything to live on the site and not have it go external to Etsy. It may be nice if the inventories were synced up so when someone purchased from one it update the other. I feel like Wix does do this, but I'd need to explore a bit more.
  15. Paintguru

    Why Etsy?

    So is your wix site a store too? Unlimited appears to be below the e-commerce plan, so I'm wondering what you're missing. Also, where did you find the $7 deal? I don't see it! :)
  16. Paintguru

    newbie looking for info

    Yeah that's what I meant to say ;).
  17. Paintguru

    newbie looking for info

    Candlescience is good for fragrances and supplies Natures Garden mostly just for fragrance Wholesalesuppliesplus (WSP) is good for fragrances, but a bit expensive (IMO) Those are my main ones, but there are a few others. I'm not sure who is best for wax prices, still looking around on that...
  18. Paintguru

    Any nerds out there?

    Battlefront 2 comes out in a few weeks!!! :)
  19. Paintguru

    Why Etsy?

    My impression was the transaction fees came if you used an outside payment service (Paypal, etc.). If you use their payment service, there are no fees.
  20. Paintguru

    I'm being challenged to make body butter

    So which one did you like better, the emulsion one or the straight oil/butter one? It looks like the oil/butter one is 1000x easier to make :).