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  1. WallFlower

    question about round cavity mold

    Take the straight side (not sharp side) of a large knife, or anything similar, run it across the top of the mold to scrape off the rounded soap batter. Hope that description makes sense. :) edited: do this before the soap sets of course.
  2. WallFlower

    Swirl Critique, Please

    Do you melt and shake/mix your entire container of hard oils before getting some out for your soap batch?
  3. WallFlower

    Salt Bar

    Stunning! I agree, the colors are just gorgeous :D Nice job!
  4. WallFlower

    cutting non-gelled soap

    I had crumbly issues when I put mine in the freezer and didn't wait long enough to cut it. Do you think that could be the issue with yours? I would leave it for at least 24 hours. 48 to be even better. When mine had finally "thawed" it turned soft, very soft, it was only as hard as it was cause...
  5. WallFlower

    What is your formal training?

    Self taught here as well. For something like soapmaking, in fact for a lot of certified things, the best education is just putting yourself out there and doing it. Hands on experience. Im certified in graphic design but i learned nothing i didnt already know from self teaching myself and juat...
  6. WallFlower

    Using clays in CP

    I add it to my oils before adding lye and stick blend until there are no lumps. :)
  7. WallFlower

    Titanium dioxide

    I believe olive oil can make anywhere from white to yellow soap. Depending on recipe and type of olive oil. Im not too familiar with the different kinds so Im not much help there. It shouldnt make much differnece for the clay though. Let us know how you like it whenever you try it! :)
  8. WallFlower

    Scrubbies Soap

    Very nice soap! I never thought you could do a pencil line with HP, that is very cool! Love them all :D
  9. WallFlower

    Titanium dioxide

    Yes. Safer, but it probably won't get the soap as white as TD unless you skip the oils that naturally color the soap darker, and/or skip FOs with vanillin in it. I've gotten a snow white soap before with just clay, but it was because I did the other two things as well. Otherwise I just get a...
  10. WallFlower

    Titanium dioxide

    Sometimes when you gel your soap they TD will cause it to look a little funky. People will refer to them as "rivers" in the soap. It's still good soap, it just looks a little weird, sometimes it can look pretty cool actually. If you don't gel your soap then this shouldn't be a problem at all for...
  11. WallFlower

    Titanium dioxide

    Kaolin is what I like to use. They say adding clay gives the soap "slip". I've never made soap without clay so I can't compare personally. You could also use other clay such as bentonite with similar results. :)
  12. WallFlower

    Titanium dioxide

    I bought the water version because i thought itwould be easier to just reserve a couple oz. From my full water amount. I have not used the oil version but the water one is great. As soon as it hits the water it dissolves on its own. To get white without titanium dioxide you can use oils known...
  13. WallFlower

    Why do you CP?

    I started off with melt and pour when i was 14 years old. Really got into it back then. I always strived to make the pretty swirls and nicely shaped tops like all the other soap makers. I would come clode but i never liked the results and i didnt enjoy the feel of m&p either. I wanted to make cp...
  14. WallFlower

    Am I a total idiot?

    That would give you a 20% solution if you did it her way. You should multiply the 97 by .6 to get a 40% and that will give you the amount you need. Edited to add: And no you are definitely not a total idiot. I would have never caught that if it were me reading the book.
  15. WallFlower

    Just Poured - looks like acrylic paint...I think so anyway

    Ooooh pretty! It does look like a painting. Very nice :)
  16. WallFlower


    Very nice! Love the colors :)
  17. WallFlower

    I hate my stick blender. . . I have the teal one here. I love it! You have to hold the "button" but it's not a hard button. And the bottom is removable for easy cleaning. I love this blender, I want to get a second one.
  18. WallFlower

    Volcano soap

    Wow! They look so cool! Just like a volcano! Very nice!
  19. WallFlower

    Equipment Question(s)

    I may have missed something but I don't think anyone was trying to put you down. We are all here to help. :) It can be hard to convey tone in text so it's possible someone just sounded off. We all start somewhere & we all learn new things at different points in our soapmaking journey.
  20. WallFlower

    Equipment Question(s)

    A lot of soap makers think that "old pryex" is safe because it was "better made" but no glass is really safe. The lye will etch the glass over time causing it to deteriorate over time. It may not break the 1st time, or the 100th time, but you don't want to gamble when it will break. Stainless...