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  1. robtr31

    Another question about ask on soap

    when I put in the mold I spray with rubbing alcohol have had no problem with as , and I spray it again all sides when I take it out of mold
  2. robtr31

    Are people sensitive here?

    it's all good and tommorrow is a new day
  3. robtr31

    Is this soap safe?

    did the soap pass the zap test
  4. robtr31

    Cutting off ash.. Will it return?

    soap in hand turn water on , soap bettwen hands moving hand back and forth soda ash is gone in secounds , no waste just biulding up latter in 2 to 3 secounds done with the soda. of course i didn't bring out the micro scope to double check have better things to do.
  5. robtr31

    Cutting off ash.. Will it return?

    looks good at end of video better then cutting it of if you don't have to
  6. robtr31

    Cutting off ash.. Will it return?

    spray after you pour in to mold with alchol and you could tent some plastic over top so the air does not get at to much
  7. robtr31

    Cutting off ash.. Will it return?

    link to ash click on link hope this helps...
  8. robtr31

    The word association game

  9. robtr31

    totally confused

    some will come along and help you some , you have a long way to go be fore start selling, here's some reading material in the middle is from this site soap making forum. just click on link...
  10. robtr31

    Need tips for horizontal cut

    wire cheese cutter may work , I lay mine on the side my are flat tops
  11. robtr31

    EOs before lye

    I heard adding eo/fo to the oils first mixing with oils instead of adding to Safonated oil/ lye in progress is better on the eo/fo don't now how true that is any thoughts rob
  12. robtr31

    Got my first package

    maybe try sitting in some hot water might soften it up some to release easier, I have never used glass mold before and I have read some post that it was not a good idea(not sure), I use plastic food wrap in all my wood molds release very easy. best of luck with it rob
  13. robtr31

    marketing your soap- Please help

    does soap need to have a expire date or does any one do this . I now soaps can last for years . 1 year as best before should be long enough I would think any thoughts I not selling just asking thanks rob
  14. robtr31

    soap scum in shower

    I now of people using turtle wax to clean there shower stall, clean it really good then use turtle wax and next time wipes clean , I haven't tried it personal works on the car okay
  15. robtr31

    The word association game

  16. robtr31

    Us this the Alien brains?

    looks like it riced and over heated
  17. robtr31

    First Ever Soap preparation

    Questions: 1. Does anyone know the amount of FO that BB send in those sample bottles? Im taking a guess at either 1/4oz or 1/2oz? Im leaning more towards 1/2oz. bb smallest one is if that is the price you paid. 2 oz$6.44 2. The instructions that were provided with this recipe say to...
  18. robtr31

    Overheard conversation

    to funny time to pin notes to soap; not food soap do not eat, wash only
  19. robtr31

    Soaps from Etsy

    I would send picture person you bought from, see how they react may send some more out right away never now , I personally would want to now if I missed it in my bar for what ever reason,
  20. robtr31

    How does this recipe look?

    my thinking if your worried about to much CO lower it , un less it's for some thing special. 6.4 oz coconut oil = 20 % CO (the most I like in soap) 25.6 oz olive oil = 80% looks okay to me . but a new to soap making cp