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  1. nvyoder

    December 2022 Un-Challenge: (No more) New Year's Resolutions

    Will there be a new challenge for January 2023?
  2. nvyoder

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made a small batch of soap to try out my new blue clay. After I mixed it into to batter it turned gray. Fingers crossed & hoping it turns into more of a blue color after it saponifies and cures. 🤞 Has anyone had experience using blue clay?
  3. nvyoder

    Good Morning fellow Soapers.

    I joined the forum several days ago and am really enjoying your threads. I am learning a lot. I have been making soap for our family for several years, but this year I'm making more and experimenting with different color clays. It is addicting for sure. I just wanted to introduce myself and...