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    Using jojoba oil

    I have an opportunity to buy some jojoba oil at a discounted price but it's use by date is on June. Will it still be ok to use in soap or will the short date cause dos. Any input on using jojoba would be appreciated
  2. K

    Stinging soap salt

    I'm looking for some advice from you wise people. My daughter recently bought a bar of salt soap as the seller recommended it for a dermatitis skin condition. Anyway she said it stung like crazy. Should that happen?
  3. K

    Best lavender

    I'm sure this has been answered before but my search didn't find much. So, which lavender do you prefer for cp soap. Angustifolia or officianalis or something else and from which country? I can buy it in the supermarket here in Oz but it's not lingering and I bought lavender angustifolia from...
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    What a disaster

    So I've been making yin yang soap using soaping 101's method using a plastic insert that you pull out after pouring the soap. It's been very successful, but tonight I tried doing a double recipe. Everything traced too fast and when I tried to pull out the insert the soap came too:silent:. So I'm...
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    holiday soap

    One of the soaps I've been playing with while on holidays. It's charcoal and kaolin clay with honey. Not the best pic but hope you get the idea
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    Smelly hands

    Hi everybody. I have had a rather unusual request from a lady who works with cows - the back end of cows, and she wants a soap to gte rid of the manure smell! I've had a look at 101 soaping recipe with coffee and orange. Is this good enough for cow poop or is there a better option? Also soapcalc...
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    Lots of stuff. Yahoo!

    I have just received an order from Escentials of Australia. Lots of EO's to play with. So far I've made unscented soap, getting a feel for it. Now to find some goat's milk and palm oil. It's really not easy to find in rural Oz. Can't wait to play around, and I'll have time soon as I work in a...
  8. K

    Army soap

    Hi all this is my version of camo soap if I manage to add a photo!! I've been playing around with soap for about a month and love it. I have a son in the Australian army, but I've got to say this looks nothing like aussie camo, but the soap feels nice.
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    Hi, my hobby is beekeeping and this resulted in discovering soapmaking. My partner and I sell our honey at a farmer's market. We also sell beeswax. So many people pick up the wax and say "wow soap" and we say "no beeswax." Anyway curiosity got the better of me and I started researching honey and...