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  1. Norden

    Bleeding soap

    I've only been making soap for a few months but in the ones I used colorants in it's been bleeding pretty bad. I used cocoa power and I used a liquid colorant from NG. What would you suggest to use to color our soaps? Thank you in advanced.
  2. Norden

    Got some new EOs but don't know how much to use

    My husband got me Orange Lavender Patchouli Tea tree And some activated charcoal(colorant) The only EO I used before was eucalyptus and I use about 1.5 oz for 4 pounds of soap. I would love to make an orange and patchouli soap but how much should I do?
  3. Norden

    Just cut!

    Mine is coconut craze and pineapple jasmine My husbands is bay rum and eucalyptus Had some extra and made some leaves and pumpkins just to test out my new mold.
  4. Norden

    I love soaping but I think my husband loves it more

    Husband's new Dr. Pepper(NG) scented soap Name: Call the Doctor Another batch of the Dr. Pepper My husband's Mountain Dew(NG) scented soap Name: Mountain Man My husband did the men's blue and white soap Bay Rum(NG) scented Name: Shark Bait Mine is the peach colored one Pineapple jasmine...
  5. Norden

    Need help naming this soap

    It's a CP soap scents are coconut craze(NG) and butt naked(NG) I made some shaving from a potato peeler because the whole soap turned this ugly brown so I redid it. Looks a lot better now but what to call it? Thanks in advanced :]
  6. Norden

    What's considered cosmetic

    Been trying to find out if fragrances or colors ect. Ect. Would be considered cosmetic if I would sell them. I can't find much about it. Sorry my husband wrote this. I'm trying to find out about selling homemade soap in Florida. We were reading the FDA requirements about homemade soap. It...
  7. Norden

    First soap ever!

    First time making soap. We did eucalyptus EO with lard and coconut oil CP. Took eucalyptus leaves and blended them up and added them. Can't wait until they cure :) I got 15 bars out of my mix.