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  1. Equestrian

    Do I need a preservative with this pre made base for sugar scrub

    I bought this premixed base for sugar scrubs, and was wondering if I need a preservative for it? I want to mix it up for my Mother's birthday. Supposed to just have to add scent and sugar. From the site: Our unscented Sugar / Salt Scrub Oil base offers unmatched quality and price. The Sugar /...
  2. Equestrian

    My Aloe Vers MP is sweating even in shrink wrap :(

    I made, in my opinion the cutest soaps with Aloe Very base. BUT they are sweating even in the shrink wrap? I didn't have this problem till two weeks ago, and now am just bummed. Any suggestions?
  3. Equestrian

    Making poultice?

    Making poultice? Edited for clarification So I have a bunch of clay and want to make some poultice and masks. Can't find much information on if they need a stabilizer or preservatives . Any help would be great. Edit added to bottom post too: So I guess I should be a little more specific. I...
  4. Equestrian

    Making your own aromatherapy neck wraps? from EOs?

    So as I am wearing my amazing neck and shoulder wrap I bought that is made with flax seed and herbs it got me wondering . Can you make these with Essential oils instead of dry herbs? I honestly could not find anything about using EOs instead of dried herbs. So I thought someone on here might...
  5. Equestrian

    Ginger and Mint Green Tea and Hemp soap

    Decided to do something different, at least for me lol!, and did a hemp soap with mint and ginger green tea, with a layer of aloe vets and purple Brazilian clay
  6. Equestrian

    Problem embedding water soluable paper

    I love the idea of being able to put pictures in paper with water soluable paper, but I only managed to not have it come out cloudy once :( Any suggestions?
  7. Equestrian

    Using organic cold pressed hemp oil....

    Making a body butter with hemp oil, but my only hemp oil I have is organic cold pressed food grade hemp oil and it says refrigerate after opening. Do all hemp oils have to be refrigerated after opening? Does the product need to be refrigerated after being made?
  8. Equestrian

    My Valentines soaps.

    Thought I would share these. Had to remind my hubby that even though the soaping area smells liked bake goods they aren't for eating lol
  9. Equestrian

    gun oil fragrance?

    I tried the fragrance o finder and no luck. Does anyone out there know if this fragrance exists?
  10. Equestrian

    Anyone know how LUSH puts real fruit in their MP without it molding?

    I was checking out their site and they have a mashed banana mp soap, orange, and a few others? Does it work since they have so many detergents in their bars? Would love to play around with stuff like that but don't want nasty mold!
  11. Equestrian

    Why the hostility from cold and hot process soapers? A brief encounter

    I was talking with a person about the soaps I make. Yes it is melt and pour, but I make sure to use detergent free high quality bases. Honestly my skin, and my friends skin love the stuff more then cold and hot processed I have bought in the past, but that is neither here nor there. The person...
  12. Equestrian

    Your fav or best Rain FO you have used?

    So thanks to the sticky at the top that I finally noticed (what can I say I'm slow sometimes :lol:) I was able to search for Rain FO. But there are sooooooo many! So what are your favorites? Looking for a non chemically fresh clean scent that smells like a nice rain
  13. Equestrian

    Where do you buy your cellophane wrappers or bags and how to wrap MP

    So trying to figure out how to wrap my MP other then in saran wrap. Read on here about the cellophane, but can't quite figure out how you mean to wrap it! Might just be a brain fart on my end though :lol:
  14. Equestrian

    Is the SFIC goats milk M&P considered real soap and is detergent free?

    So I'm a bit confused buy how some people say M&P is a soap, and others say detergent. Also by if most of the SFIC, but especially the SFIC goats milk MP are truly detergent free
  15. Equestrian

    FO that smells like fresh grass

    So is there such a FO?
  16. Equestrian

    Is there a better base then SFIC bases?

    Are there any bases that are if higher quality and more natural ingredients then SFIC bases? I have used a few different ones of theirs and really liked them, but was wondering if there was a better one out there. TIA
  17. Equestrian

    Custom rubber stamps.........where to buy

    I would love to have a rubber stamp to use in soap molds in the design of my stable. Is there any place you would suggest to buy them from? It is the outline of three horses in different positions. Two jumping one dressage.
  18. Equestrian

    Using fragrances vs essential oils

    So in the batch of stuff I ordered this last time I decided to buy some of the fragrances along with the essential oils. BUT I don't quite know how much to put in! I don't want to over do it, and will only be doing a couple bars at a time as it is for a gift. Any suggestions and help would be...
  19. Equestrian

    Hello there

    Well I'm new to the forum. Just got started playing around with bases etc since I have been laid up from surgery and can't do any of my normal activities. And I have to say I'm hooked!
  20. Equestrian

    Best place to get 2,4,&8oz round plastic jars?

    This is my first post of probably many :smile: I am hoping for suggestions on where to get round plastic bottles I can pour melt and pour bases in. Any suggestions? TIA