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  1. Arimara


    I'm sure some of you have seen the DYIs for them but I can't sew and I most certainly do not have fabric on hand to sew. So that leaves me with one other resource- yarn. I've been practicing crocheting for the sole purpose of making a mask with pockets for 4 people at least while I am waiting...
  2. Arimara

    For Crochetters and Knitters

    Is Susan Bates a decent company? I have a 4.50mm hook that is just awful. I forgot how long I had this hook but regret that I own it. Sorry I only have one shot of this thing now.
  3. Arimara

    Not Sure Where to Post This But...

    I saw this video by chance on my youtube feed and I just had to share it. This is insane, to me at least. Edit- I hate aphasia. lol.
  4. Arimara

    My Soap Paste is irritating

    I say that literally- it has irritated my throat, my grandma's throat and even my sister's throat. At first, I thought it was the KOH lye fumes but that normally dissipates and has never irritated me on this level before. But once I bought the finished soap paste out and tested its zappiness...
  5. Arimara

    Wow, I think I just can't read

    I made a recipe, checked it a few times, worked as slowly as possible, soaped as coolly as possible and where does it get me? This: Avocado oil- 100g Castor oil- 25g Cocoa butter- 100 Coconut oil- 75g Olive oil- 100g Masterbatched lye- 146g Citric acid- 5g mixed in 40g distilled water I...
  6. Arimara

    Can you make your own dividers?

    I've been looking into the arcrylic dividers for a bit but I do not like the idea of paying $30+ for a for a set that might not even fit my loaf mold properly (thanks, amazon). So, being the reasonable penny-pincher I am, I want to know if it is feasible to attempt to make my own dividers, as...
  7. Arimara

    I couldn't take it (Nerd-Friendly)

    I actually don't know if this is the appropriate forum for this but, I just watched this and man, Kenny did his THING. Quite an inspiring video, I might add, though I can't purchase a soap like this.
  8. Arimara

    Butterfly Pea Flower

    Has anyone used this as a colorant? I'd love to know if it works. I know how it works as a tea ingredient (blue tea, y'all). but can it withstand the test of the lye monster?
  9. Arimara

    This May Be a Silly Move (cream soap related)

    But I want to try my hand at making some. I'm a little bored right now, I've not made soap for a few months and I'm still trying to assess all the info that I can process about it. One of the main things I failed to find is how to preserve your soap, if you use a preservative. I'm also...
  10. Arimara

    I decided to try matcha

    A little bit more about me: I'm not a beginning tea drinker. I have drank enough tea over the last 30 years of me knowing I was drinking tea. That said, I really would love to rant about TEAki matcha- it tastes like sencha. Those of you who drink tea and/or may have a higher preference for...
  11. Arimara

    I Want to Get Back into the Swing of Things

    But I have one issue- carpal tunnel. It's part of the reason I've been on and off here as of late. It started really flaring up a month or two after I started my job and I've had to get myself all kinds of crap just to ease the pain enough to keep working. But I've been wanting to make soap for...
  12. Arimara

    I was wondering

    How bad of an idea is it to use a high butter recipe for a high water lotion? I'm a little apprehensive when it comes to using my resources like that but I'd also like to know if it would yield something nice. Has anyone made a high butter-high water lotion?
  13. Arimara

    Soap Making Resource

    Are they closed for business. I haven't really been to the site for a while and thought I'd check up on them. Note- I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong area.
  14. Arimara

    Reading- A Smart Habit to Form

    So I am making two batches of lard soap. The first one came out great with the exception of a faster trace than I expected (33% lye solution will do it) But instead of using .2 oz of SL, which was already an unplanned mistake I would have rolled with, I actually used .2oz of PS80 instead. I have...
  15. Arimara

    So, I added paprika to my hazelnut coffee

    It was completely by accident and since I didn't want to waste coffee, I'm drinking it as we speak. So far, I think I taste more of the cinnamon I also added to the grounds. Have any of you ever added spices to your coffee when brewing it? Have any of you ever made mistakes like what I've...
  16. Arimara

    This Show...

    It's called Samurai Gourmet. It's too doggone short! I can't allow myself to bing watch this whole thing in one fell swoop. It's too funny and refreshing. What are y'all binge watching on your spare time, if you even get to?
  17. Arimara

    Slight Seperation

    On the 6th of this month, I made a small batch of lotion using avocado, rice bran, and olive oils. The recipe used was for 200g 138g water 40g total oils 12g e-wax 6g stearic acid 2g preservative (phenonip was used) 2g FO (Nurture's Persephone's Kiss used and is amazing IMO) I found...
  18. Arimara

    Just wondering

    Has anyone used myristic acid in a bar soap here? I'm curious enough to try it once I can finish getting a few necessities here and there.
  19. Arimara

    Oil Warmer Oils

    Is there any way to make these at home? I know I'm not going to be making soap and definitely not candles for a while but I have been dying to use one or two FOs for oil warmer. If it's more trouble than it's worth, I'm willing to go the reed diffuser route.
  20. Arimara

    Too High a Superfat?

    These little suckers are weepier than a willow and are NOT zappy. I made this batch today and I made a few blunders: NOT taking my superfat into consideration when I made this soap (I added yogurt to this batch and the superfat is 5%), forgetting to put my yogurt in with the oils, using lye with...