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  1. robosqu1d

    Mustard Oil & Sesame Oil

    Our local supermarket stocks mustard oil and sesame oil at a reasonable price. Has anyone used either in CP soap, and what were they like please? I haven't seen them mentioned much on this forum. Thanks!
  2. robosqu1d

    Hydrogen sulphide (sulfide) smell!

    Hello This morning I made a batch of goats' milk soap (my first attempt!) and although I'm quite pleased with the appearance there was a distinct smell of rotten eggs when I sliced it a short while ago :sick: Has any one else noticed this with goats' milk soap? Does it mean I'll have a...
  3. robosqu1d

    A good morning's work

    Hi Here are the results of some quiet time yesterday morning. I'm quite pleased with both of the soaps! On the left - black, white and pale green with bergamot and palmarosa EOs (real shame I didn't have any mint or apple fragrance oils!) and the ones on the right have a little red colour with...
  4. robosqu1d

    Red Palm Butter

    Hello I can get hold of Red Palm Butter from Asda (I think that's what it is - the jar says "Unrefined Palm Oil" and it's cheap, bright orange with a fluffy solidness, similar to coconut oil). I can't find 'real' palm oil anywhere, except online and don't wish to pay the postage...
  5. robosqu1d


    Hi Sue from Nottingham, England here. I'm new to soap-making too, just been at it for a few weeks with mixed success. My first 5 mica colours arrived in the post today and I was so excited that I used them all - theoretically a pot swirl - and ended up with a mostly brown goo with some...
  6. robosqu1d

    I have these oils available - what percentages should I use?

    Hello! I have the following oils available to me and have been plugging various combinations into soapcalc to try to get a soap that looks decent, but something is always out of the 'recommended' range. Usually the creaminess = too low and the iodine = too high (does that matter??) Can anyone...