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  1. jules92207

    Holiday Fragrances

    I'm starting to think about holiday fragrances, last year I did a peppermint (candy cane from WSP) and a vanilla mint (Jack Frost from WSP) as well as some piney ones. What's in this year? I've been so busy I feel out of the loop this year.
  2. jules92207

    SF Etsy Show - California Crafters

    Anyone going to be at the SF Etsy craft show this year the weekend of Thanksgiving? I'm planning on making a trip to SF and would love to come visit your booths if you are there.
  3. jules92207

    Vanilla Test Project

    I've decided to do a vanilla test run to find the best vanilla. I plan on making 1 lb batches then using my individual mold bars to split for about four fragrances a batch. That should give me a good 4 oz bar of each fragrance. So far I have the following: CC Deluxe Vanilla CC Fresh Vanilla...
  4. jules92207

    Oh the possibilities...

    To own a goat farm and have access to all that fabulous goat love, cheese, and maybe some goat milk soaping...
  5. jules92207

    BB Palm Oil - problematic?

    I've made a few vegetable recipes for my vegetarian friends recently and all of them have seized and riced on me pretty bad. The fragrances are not known problem scents and one of them did it before I added the scent. Most I have been able to whip into submission but they still aren't very...
  6. jules92207

    Some new soaps...

    I have also been experimenting lately with swirls. The first is my failed attempt at newbies burl wood soap. Second is a lavender & tea tree blend which I tried another butterfly swirl... Another fail. And last was a pretty neat success with ash. The colors in the soap behind my stamp really...
  7. jules92207

    Sticky Soap/ Hard Water?

    I searched this topic a bit but didn't find a good consensus to why a soap may feel sticky and hard to rinse off. Maybe it's my formula? Maybe from hard water? Any ideas or solutions? Here's a recipe example: Olive oil 40% Palm 20% Coconut oil 15% Almond oil 10% Avocado oil 10% Castor 5%
  8. jules92207

    Finally having fun with colors...

    Had a lot of fun this week. From left... Lavender Lime (lavender eo and lime FO) Wasabi Lime (wasabi and lime from BB) Afternoon Tea (Earl Grey Lemon from BB) Kazi Kazi (Karma dupe from Daystar) Thanks for looking!
  9. jules92207

    Need Advice - Customer Service

    I ordered some products from Day Star last week and this week I received half of my order with no further explanation. I was sent a tracking number for the package and no second tracking number was sent so as far as I know there are no further packages on their way. I have emailed and text the...
  10. jules92207

    Crazy Ash...

    Seriously the craziest ash I have had yet. These are some long fuzzy crystals. Feel like I am in geology class in college again...
  11. jules92207

    Latest Butterfly Swirl Attempt

    I am pretty new at colors and designs but I love butterflies so have been trying the butterfly swirl lately. The latest ended up with some interesting results: Meet the Goat, the Cat, and the closest I have come to a Butterfly so far. And last but not least - the butt.
  12. jules92207

    Soap Supplies in Bay Area, CA

    Heading back home to the SF bay for Christmas and I know a few of you are from here. Any good soap supply stores I can visit? I didn't start soaping till I moved away in 2004.
  13. jules92207

    Crazy Face in my Soap

    So funny, this crazy face showed up in my Sandalwood Patchouli soap.
  14. jules92207

    Geranium Bergamot

    Had to share my first batch I feel really good about. Scented with geranium and bergamot eo's and color from rose kaolin clay. I know its simple but that is what I prefer... Really happy with how this one turned out. Thank you for looking!
  15. jules92207

    Another Rose Soap - Rosey Facial Soap

    I know there are a ton of posts on rose/geranium, but in my research I couldn't find my answer so forgive me if this is somewhere I didn't get to yet: I just got some geranium eo and really want to do a facial/body soap with it for a nice natural rose scent. I have rose water to use as well...
  16. jules92207

    A few newer soaps...

    Clockwise from left are lavender lime eo, vanilla bean noel with cocoa powder swirl, exotic coconut with cocoa powder attempt at swirl/drop, my Jack Bauer soap, and orange clove.
  17. jules92207

    My first burn...

    So I have a rose soap I made four weeks ago that siezed on me as I was pouring. I basically cut the tops off cause they were all nubby and uneven and I've been tearing up the pieces for embeds for later. No gloves mind you and haven't had any problems. Today I decided to wrap a few of the bars...
  18. jules92207

    First Log Mold...

    Super excited for my first log mold, other than the obvious weeping I can't seem to escape ever I am really happy so far...
  19. jules92207

    Strange Gel...

    Made an anise eo soap with coffee and over a few days I noticed a bit of zappy weeping so curious I decided to slice a bar today (about 3 days cure now) and luckily no zappy any more but check out the crazy gel!
  20. jules92207

    Newer Soaps

    I have only been soaping since December so I am pretty new still. Most of my soaps have been practice for finding a recipe I like and until recently have been pretty plain so I haven't posted a lot of pictures. Recently I have tried a bit more with additives so I thought I would post a few pics...