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    My Intro

    Hello. I am new to posting to the SMF but have followed the forum for a while now. I have made mainly CP soaps and look to the SMF for little tips and insight on how to tweak my creations to my liking. I must admit that it is a little intimidating to post being that I have only been making soap...
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    Dual Lye Soap

    I was wondering if anyone has made a soap with 90% NaOH and 10% KOH. I have made soap with 95% NaOH and 5% KOH. My soap is high in Oleic acid and that is why I chose to use this method. I am wondering if that 5% extra KOH would add any extra benefits. I realize that I may have to experiment on...
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    Sodium Citrate in Bath Salts/Soaks?

    Does anyone use sodium citrate in their bath salts/soaks? Or does anyone know where I can find information on the recommended usage rate in these types of products? I have been experimenting with them and I have had some success but I am not sure of the usage rate? My soaks mainly consist of...
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    Bath Salt Emulsifier

    I would like to make bath salts that include a light carrier oil and fragrance oil. I have Olivem 1000 and am wondering if this emulsifier would work in bath salts? Any advice would be great and if not Olivem 1000, what would you suggest? I’m looking for something that is soy and palm free and...
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    Hot Process Fragrance

    Hi. I have a quick question. I have been making CP soap for a while and have started working with HP. The usage amount for the FO that I use is 5%. My question is does that apply to both CP and HP? I have searched the internet and thought I saw something that said HP fragrance should be added at...