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  1. cerelife

    Some serious scent retention!

    Like most of y'all, the first time I use a new scent I keep a bar aside to see how it behaves over time. After a year that bar of soap goes into a box with other 'sample' bars once I've updated my soap notes. With the pandemic going on and working 6 days a week at the hospital some weeks, I...
  2. cerelife

    Sweet Cakes Suggestions for CP

    Hello! Somehow I've never ordered from Sweet Cakes in all the years I've been soaping!! I checked the Fragrance Review Board and found 1 review each on two of the fragrances listed (Mango Tea and White Vanilla), so I would welcome any additional thoughts on those as well as the others I'm...
  3. cerelife

    Cera Bellina

    I was looking at a recipe on WSP that sounded interesting and one of the ingredients was CC "Smooth & Creamy Lotion Bar Additive" so I clicked on the link to see what exactly this was. Unless I'm sorely mistaken, it's Cera Bellina...
  4. cerelife

    Oregon Trails Love Story

    Amazing customer service and Susan is sooo sweet!! Early last week I placed a small order after Irishlass posted about their OMH FO. In addition to the OMH, I ordered more of their Peche de Vigne FO (because it's beyond yummy in lotion and I NEVER want to run out of this stuff!!), and a small...
  5. cerelife

    Lip Gloss questions

    I make lip balm from my own personal recipe, and a lip scrub/lip butter combo set that I've tweaked from a basic recipe from WSP. But I've never made lip 'gloss'.... Brambleberry has these adorable lip gloss tubes in their new Soiree collection...
  6. cerelife

    Apricot Fragrance Oil

    I love the smell of Tom's Fresh Apricot deodorant even if I don't love the deodorant itself. But I use it because I like the scent so much. I've looked over my usual FO suppliers and...
  7. cerelife

    Mardi Gras Krewe favors - 2019 Party Theme is '50 Years from Woodstock'

    Ok, so I make the 'lagniappe' gift bags for a friend of mine to present to his fellow Krewe members at their annual Mardi Gras pre-party. This year's theme is "50 Years from Woodstock" and we agreed on one full-sized boxed soap per custom 'Minou Bleu' bag. I was born in 1969, so when I think of...
  8. cerelife

    "Hard" Babassu oil for deodorant?

    I replied to a post a while back about Soaper's Choice Babassu oil being liquid, stating that mine had always been hard as a rock. I stand corrected. My latest order of babassu from them arrived as liquid and has roughly the same consistency/melting point as coconut oil. After contacting...
  9. cerelife

    Ammonium Lactate Lotion

    My husband is in his early 60's and bruises at the drop of a hat. Big ugly bruises. All of his labwork consistently checks out normal, so today the doctor mentioned that he might try Ammonium Lactate lotion. From what I've found for this is seems to be mainly for dry skin, but we're willing to...
  10. cerelife

    Spicy Lime FO

    I remember a few years ago seeing a Spicy Lime FO that sounded really good, but now I can't remember who offered it! I thought it was Sweet Cakes, but I don't see it there. Anyone have a clue?
  11. cerelife

    Nurture question

    I'm taking advantage of Nurture's new free shipping for orders over $30, but I can't find in my notes if they did dupes of Mad Oils' Tonic and Thai Sticky Rice FO's. If anyone knows, could you tell me the names of the Nurture dupes, please? Thanks!
  12. cerelife

    Sweet Cakes advice please

    Hello! I know all FO suppliers have hits and misses (some more than others), AND I realize that all of our noses are different! I've never ordered from Sweet Cakes before, so I'm curious about everyone's thoughts on their FOs in general and the following in particular: Black Currant Rose Clean...
  13. cerelife

    No more ButterEZ

    I just bought the last 8 ounces of ButterEZ that Lotioncrafter had available. Per the Lotioncrafter website: "We've been working hard to get our manufacturer to custom manufacture this product for us since it was discontinued. Unfortunately, we have not succeeded. Therefore, ButterEZ is...
  14. cerelife

    Sometimes it's just not meant to be!

    The week before my biggest festival of the year, everything started going wrong. And just to clarify - this festival draws over 20,000 people from all over the world and over the years I've built up my customer base and I average sales of $1K/day at the festival with lots of return customers who...
  15. cerelife


    I've been updating my website and finally decided to add a page to explain my company name as it's somewhat unusual and has nothing to do with soap or any of my other products. But some of my regular customers have suggested that I do this since not only does it make things more personal, but...
  16. cerelife

    What would YOU say about handmade soap?

    I recently accepted a commission to make gifts for Mardi Gras. A member of one of the New Orleans' Krewes asked me to create guest soaps based on the Krewe's 2017 theme for his traditional gift at their annual Lundi Gras luncheon! The theme is "The Wizard of Oz", so we decided on 3 guest-sized...
  17. cerelife

    This is a new one for me - anyone else have this happen?

    I made several batches of soap today using my usual recipes with some new FOs and micas. They behaved pretty much as I would expect (some accelerated - but after a while you can almost predict which FOs will acc from the OOB scent), so no big deal. But one batch drove me crazy.... Same recipe...
  18. cerelife

    Table Display

    It's been a year and a half since I started doing markets/festivals and my booth display has changed dramatically. So many great people on this forum have given me wonderful advice, and I'm happy to say that I now get lots of compliments and my sales have gone up! So here's a heart-felt 'Thank...
  19. cerelife

    I kind of like this mistake, but is it stable?

    I came up with a 'Cleopatra' soap last year after reading something about how she bathed in milk, honey, flowers and herbs to keep her skin looking youthful. I made a batch of my 'Cleopatra' soap 3 weeks ago, but forgot that I use my lard recipe for this one since the FO tends to speed things...
  20. cerelife

    Daystar Sale

    I know I'll be ordering a couple of pounds of the Woods & Bitter Coffee, but I was wondering about the others - the only other one I've soaped with on this list is Goldilocks and I liked it but didn't love it. I'm particularly interested in Bergamot & Coriander and Galaxy of Stars. Anyone...