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    When this is all over, I'm gonna...

    ...march myself to my favorite Chinese buffet and gorge myself on raw oysters! For $10, I can eat my weight in raw oysters and all the other goodies on the buffet. What a deal, right? So what is everyone else looking forward to doing once we're able to go and do?
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    Why did this seize?

    I thought I was being careful about using stable ingredients (other than castor oil, which I know can accelerate, but it's still worth using), but I had my first ever seize today. I threw it into a pot and HP'd it, FWIW, but it doesn't look like it'll be usable. Can anyone tell me which of my...
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    Tips on diagonal cuts?

    I've been doing HP for a couple of decades, but I'd like to try CP again. The design I have in my head would require a diagonal cut. Does anyone have any tips for cutting a whole loaf on a 45 degree diagonal? I'd like to put half the diagonally-cut loaf back into the mold and pour another...
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    Why is my ls resolidifying???

    I'm new to liquid soap after making HP soap for a couple of decades. So far, things are not going well. My KOH is 100%, according to the package, but even at 7% superfat, the soap keeps resolidifying after appearing to be completely diluted. The soap is clear, thin and watery while it's on...