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  1. Bubli

    100% EVOO Castile Soap

    Firstly, sorry I'm so off and on again here of late. I work 2 jobs to make ends meet and find it hard to squeeze time in for my favorite passion thees days.....soap making. But 6 months ago I made a TRUE castile soap and almost tossed it because it didn't lather and was slimy. Well, I read you...
  2. Bubli

    100% coconut oil soap

    I had only made 1 large batch of 100% coconut oil soap sf'd at 20%. That batch lasted well over a year and I think I used coconut milk as my liquid and no other additives. All went as expected. Last night I made my 2nd 100%co batch(though I have made many,many other soaps)and tried 25% sf, and...
  3. Bubli

    How to use Citric acid at trace.

    If I do a 3% superfat, would 1/4 tsp of citric acid dissolved in a little dist.water per pound of oils be good amount? I don't want separation or too soft of soap.I don't want to use too much. I know it can be added to lye water, but I don't want to do it that way. I want to add it at trace. I...
  4. Bubli

    Soap scraps

    I don't know what the official name of it is, but the shavings you get from beveling or mitering your soap....What do you guys do with yours? I don't want to throw it out because it is still good soap. I have just been wadding them up really tightly into balls and using them as normal soap. And...
  5. Bubli

    100% Coconut oil soap 20%sf

    I have only used the cheapest regular coconut oil in the 100% co soap. I have a huge 60+ ounce container of organic unrefined extra virgin co(because I actually eat it,oil pull with it and cake myself in it after every bath because I don't use lotion). I know some, if not all of you have tried...
  6. Bubli

    Advice on new mold

    I am considering getting the bramble berry 9 bar slab mold with dividers. I added a link to it, I hope it shows up. I never do batches over 2 pounds of oils, I don't sell, I just make mainly for me shampoo/body soap...
  7. Bubli

    Best Soap Books

    In your opinion, what would be your all-time favorite soaping book ever? If you could keep only one of your many books on the trade which one would it be? And if different, which one do you think would have been more useful for you as a beginner?
  8. Bubli

    How much honey is too much?

    I made a honey beeswax soap a while ago and it turned out great other than it being too dark for my liking. I used 1 Tbsp. per pound of oils. Also I added it diluted in water at trace. How much is enough and if you add it to lye solution, will that cause the lye solution to over heat...
  9. Bubli

    Lots of air bubbles in cp soap

    Something new happened to me today with a soap batch that has me stumped and flustered. Did everything right. I can not think of anything that may have caused this excessive (and man, do I ever mean excessive? YES, M'AM I DO!) amount of air bubbles. I do not use a blender I always whisk and...
  10. Bubli

    Babassu oil

    Is it true this oil is not drying like coconut oil in cp soap, yet similar in character?And how much do you swap with coconut oil or can you replace all of co with babasdu oil and get equal quality soap with much less drying effects on skin? I Know it's pricier but my skin is so sensitive I...
  11. Bubli

    Tooth Soap

    I have been using tooth soap shreds from my own hand made cp soap. I add several drops of Thieves oil after its shredded, shake it up , and its AWSOME! Will never use toothpaste again, After reading all the terrible things toothpaste ingredients can do(even "supposed all natural"). Got a...
  12. Bubli

    Coconut water

    Found some coconut water at store. Ingredients just say "coconut water" no additives or preservatives or any other crud. So, for my soap that I do 50%water for my lye and the other 50% coconut milk, would it be alright to use this in place of water fir the lye with maybe a pinch more than 50%...
  13. Bubli

    Happy Independence Day!

    Hope everyone has a safe and happy day! Enjoy :)
  14. Bubli

    Does beeswax really make for a harder soap?

    I am wanting to try using beeswax in a recipe, the hardness of the recipe is 33.5, and strangely to me, when I add 1.5 tsp. to a 16 oz oil recipe it comes out of soapcalc like 2 points softer. I have also ran it through exchanging equal olive oil for beeswax rather than just adding...
  15. Bubli


    What is the least amount of total water you can use when making soap? I've been using 30%, but if the majority evaporates out, is it safe to go lower without messing your soap up? I've seen some recipes that use 28%. If you get below a certain % does your soap not mix well? I ran across a...
  16. Bubli

    Soft soap

    Will using any type of milk cause a soap to be softer than if you were to use just water?
  17. Bubli

    Gel Phase

    Just out of curiosity,can gel phase take several hours to even begin?I know the longest one of my batches went was 6 hours then began gel phase.I was sure my soap was not going to gel because it stayed cool after pour,at the 6th hour when I I checked it,it was hot.Can it take longer than that,or...
  18. Bubli

    Up-cycle soap mold

    I was scouring the web for a good soap mold,and honestly at that time I was counting every penny,so I was looking for CHEAP ideas.Cheese,chalk,crayons,soap and so many other items used(like when my granny was little)to come in wooden box/crate containers with lids.There was no card board.So I...
  19. Bubli

    Lavender Essential oil in CP soap

    Here's the situation,very 1st batch of soap I made was with coconut oil,castor and olive.Scented with regular lavender EO.It was actually one of the pre measured kits for newbys .I love the off white,creamy color,smell....but way too soft(ran it through soap calc and it was like below a 29 on...
  20. Bubli

    Coconut Milk Soap

    I am still pretty new to soap making,but have had much success with my whopping 5batches so far.I have even tried the goats milk soap using powder,50%of my water used for the lye solution and the other water portion used for reconstituting the milk and adding at trace.which works wonderfully...