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    Does anyone have used fragrances from French Color & Fragrances?

    I bought a few fragrances (pumpkin, cranberry citrus, orchids) from a local vendor and one of their suppliers is a company called French Color & Fragrances. I was wondering if any of you have heard of them before. They provide me with the IFRA certificate for each of the fragrances I bought...
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    Need some help. First time working with lard.

    Hi guys, I started making soap with lard for the first time this week. Have already made 2 small batches to practice. I have noticed that in those 2 batches when unmolding some parts of the sides of the soap sticked to the silicone mold and the soap feels sticky and soft. Before using lard...
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    Is this because of using Cling Paper to cover mold.

    Hi guys, After pouring my batter I covered the mold with cling paper. I noticed that it was causing some condensation. This is how the soap looks in the morning Would that be because of the cling paper wrapping? The water condensation? Have not cut the soap yet.
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    My second batch... Ash? Bubbles..

    Hey guys i couldn’t stop after making my first batch. So I made another this went a little different since I used fragrance and mica for the first time. The batter did accelerate making it difficult to scoop. This is the recipe used And this is how the soap turned out after unmolding. I waited...
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    Need recommendation for my first batch!!

    Hi guys! Tomorrow I will be doing my first ever CP test batch. I will be using a 22oz crafters choice silicone mold. I have the following oils in inventory: Sweet Almond Oil Olive Oil Coconut Oil 76º (edited) Palm Oil Castor Oil Grapeseed Oil I was thinking in making the recipe in the photo...
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    Palm oil shortening and almond oil.

    I bought some palm shortening and wanted to know if it is the same as palm oil. In the manufacturer data sheet under components it says the following: “Mix of refined edible vegetable fats (palm and palm stearin), and antioxidant (TBHQ). The palm used is RSPO for mass balance.” In
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    New member saying hi!

    Hi everybody! My girlfriend told me a few weeks ago that she wanted to try to make her own homemade soap. I was completely ignorant (still fairly ignorant) to anything related on how to make soap. Started watching some youtube videos and got a general idea of the ingredients and tools used to...