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  1. Consuela

    How to Make Soap - Soapmaking Guide for Beginners

    Wording/minor grammar but it's just my thoughts. "Most commercial “soaps” are not 100% soap- they are detergent based and have their natural glycerin removed and may be called beauty bars, cleansing bars, face bar, etc. Glycerin is a skin-loving ingredient, but it is removed from commercial...
  2. Consuela

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Organized my soap room, tidied up materials, cleaned and scrubbed some equipment, took an inventory of what I need - because you know, Christmas is coming and I really can't procrastinate any longer. Annnnnd then I'll have to place an order soon too, because the Christmas rush has probably...
  3. Consuela

    Help please! Frustrated, Discouraged, but refusing to give up!

    Learning to soap takes time. We have ALL started at square one. Sometimes we just forget what that looks and feels like from time to time - even if we're not that far out of the gate ourselves. To address the comment above about why she didn't just use someone else's recipe: My very first...
  4. Consuela

    Canadian Soap Makers Guild

    Lindy, Is the Canadian Guild of Soapmakers still around? I can't seem to find the page anymore. Edit to add: I did find this FB page, is this the way to reach them then?
  5. Consuela

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    THIS! This happened to me the other day too! It obviously was NOT a day for me to be soaping....though I discovered my problem... I shorted my recipe by about 1000 grams. And the worst part, is that I was doing two batches back to back - so I lost double the amount.... by the time I...
  6. Consuela

    So what are YOUR soapy secrets?

    It never fails... when I decide to make soap - that's the day I have a hang nail or a small cut on a prominent finger like my pointer - or an (insignificant one) like my pinky - that just happens to keep hitting the rim of the bowl which is no doubt covered in soap. And I almost always rinse...
  7. Consuela

    A "different" question about lye

    I got a little lye bead on my skin while making soap a few weeks back.... had a nice perfect little hole in my skin... and FK did it burn.... Oh it burned and hurt soooo bad... but I was at an imperative moment in soaping and stopping - would have resulted in a seizing, so... I kept going...I'm...
  8. Consuela

    "I Haz a Sad" doesn't cover it

    Oh I am SO sorry for your loss :( You're right... Family IS the most important thing... All the positive thoughts and juju to you and your family.
  9. Consuela

    dog paw salve?

    Yup... I would suggest a 4:1 also because winter is coming....keep it spreadable, but still solid-ish. And I would just use beeswax and coconut oil (Like the GOOD stuff, Extra Virgin - that smells and tastes like coconut). :)
  10. Consuela

    Crumbly Salt Bars HP - how to fix

    All I can suggest is cutting sooner... I mean, I cut RIGHT as soon as it's set.. I don't cut the whole thing at once though... I start on the ends, and cut.... one slice at a time, come back in 10 minutes, cut the next one... sometimes it'll take me an hour to cut salt-bars, but I haven't had a...
  11. Consuela

    The Worst Salt Bar in the World

    I've been making a Dead Sea salt bar but I'm only using 1 Tbs Ppo and I find it to be alright. I didn't even know dss wasn't recommended until another thread around here. But I find it to be okay at that use age. Still needs to be cut right away and for all intents, it behaves like a salt bar...
  12. Consuela

    What would happen if we saw this today?

    From now on, I shall refer to 'bits' as Mimsy. Kebabs too weird for me lol. And obviously a chauvinist coined this. No self respecting man (or woman) who loves (lady bits) would refer to 'them' as 'flaps'.
  13. Consuela

    goat milk "animal" smell

    I just started the mini offspring on goat milk, and have found the yogurt Farr to goaaty for me. She likes it and eats it but I can't. (GoAt cheese though? Yummmmm!!) The milk I got was very good until yesterday (also due date) and I noticed it was really creamy tasting up until that point. I...
  14. Consuela

    Laundry soap questions

    ...I had zero luck making my own laundry soap with my own CP Soap. However, it wasn't 100% CO So I'm following this thread...
  15. Consuela

    Chocolate soap question

    This is what I was also going to say.... certain FO's (high Vanillan/Vanillin?) discolour when exposed to the air - during the cure. So - a few weeks later, when you cut it - again, the center of that piece is going to be lighter...give it a few weeks - it'll also discolour the same as the...
  16. Consuela

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Today I finally got in a 2 hour soaping sesh..... Baby went down for a sleep, and I thought I would test my luck... (Grandma & Hubby were here to tend to her if she woke up and I said to myself "FK it, there are two other people here...EVERYONE is sleeping in the house except me. I'm going to...
  17. Consuela

    In the mean time..

    Bahahahah... this is the funniest thing I've read all morning. Thank you for making me laugh so hard!
  18. Consuela

    Salt bar as a shampoo bar? Pros and Cons

    Also another fellow weirdo on the board... I make a sea-salt shampoo bar - at hubbies request, because once in a while he likes to strip his hair. Usually once a week he uses it. Especially in the summer - he works hard, sweats... I don't personally like it that often. Once in a...
  19. Consuela

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Yesterday, I unpacked my EO and FO order - Christmas came early for Consuela!! And as always I have buyers remorse......that i didn't buy enough. Haha. Next, have to order lotion things. Taken me so long to decide because I'll be at my parents the next few weeks and want my stuff to maybe...
  20. Consuela

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I haven't done the salt solution - but I use about 1TBS Salt PPO at trace. I know some people don't have luck with Dead Sea Salt... but that's the proportion I use... I've also used Himalayan Pink Salt (Which can be scratchy) so this time I ground it to a fine powder to see if that makes a...