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  1. J

    How many oil types is too much?

    Thanks for the help, great insight. Currently reading the "Soapmaker's Companion". I breezed over the items you noted. Going back thru the details. Also doing a lot of online learning. Do you have any other books or educational web sites you can suggest? Very interested in the chemistry...
  2. J

    How many oil types is too much?

    Wow ... Thanks everyone. That gets me re-thinking a lot of my recipe. Feedback on a soap recipe that we like and want more of is better than targeting numbers. They do seem a bit mumbo jumbo ...
  3. J

    How many oil types is too much?

    I tinker with soap making for my family. with a focus on goat's milk soap. With my background is in engineering, I like to use the on-line calculators to tweak various combinations of oils and butter to reach a mix of bubbles, cleansing, condition, hardness, longevity and creaminess. I find...