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  1. BirtheP

    New member from Denmark

    Thank you Savoniere, Hazel and Dorado. I will try the tea-soap soon. Recently I dried a lot of Melissa officinalis, to use for tea, so I'll use this for soap as well. Love the smell of this plant. Wil also make some nettle-soap some time.. Dorado, how do you make oil infusions? Where can I read...
  2. BirtheP

    New member from Denmark

    Thank you both for good and useful advice :-)
  3. BirtheP

    New member from Denmark

    Hi there! My name is Birthe, and I'm from Denmark. A few years ago I tried making soap for the first time. It was fun, the soap was great but I got away from it all again. Now I have started again. Have two batches of cold processed soaps curing right now, and lots of plans for new soaps! I...