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  1. Mighty Mama

    Inserting Wick After Candle Has Set

    Hello everyone, I have recently started exploring candles and made my first pillar candle yesterday. The (aluminum) mold that I use has a removable metal skewer that attaches through the bottom of the mold. I was very confused initially as to where to attach my wick but it seems that with...
  2. Mighty Mama

    Lauryl Glucoside for thickening soap

    I've started dabbling in liquid soaps and am really enjoying the process. I've made a 100% coconut oil soap which works beautifully for household cleaning and one with castor oil and coconut oil to be used shampoo/body wash. I'm looking for a way to make the liquid soaps thicker and one product...
  3. Mighty Mama

    Smooth HP Soap

    I tried adding a dash of sea salt to my HP after cooking and then letting it sit for 5 min or so. When I stir through it seems to have liquidized it to the point where I can pour it. Has anyone else tried this?
  4. Mighty Mama

    Making HP soap more liquid

    Hi Everyone, I make hot process soaps in the beautiful Garden Route of South Africa :) I have been running my business for 6 years now but of late have been experiencing some neck and back issues due to heavy HP soap stirring. My question: Are there any straight forward ways to make HP more...
  5. Mighty Mama

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Soaped up a storm this morning and then did some research on master batching oils and lye. Time to start getting more streamlined with my production as orders are picking up!
  6. Mighty Mama

    Soap & Candle Making Projects

    Hello All, Sorry for the long absence - my (hot process) soap business has taken off and there is not much time to come up for air :) I am currently working on a range of soaps/shampoos/balms/lotions/toothpastes etc for a lady that works with cancer patients. I've made an anti viral/anti...
  7. Mighty Mama

    Soap & Candle Making Projects

    Hi Everyone, I've been off the forum for a long while because my (hot process) soaping business has picked up so much lately! I've been commissioned by a Thai Foot Reflexologist to create a range of soaps/balms/lotions/shampoos/toothpastes. She works mainly with cancer patients and is looking...
  8. Mighty Mama

    Making the jump from retail to wholesale

    Hi Samirish - wondering how the transition to wholesale went for you? I am in a very similar position - finding that the shop and agent orders have become so numerous that it has become time to let go of my weekly market and focus exclusively on wholesale. With my busiest markets coming up in...
  9. Mighty Mama

    How do you store your products? Anyone willing to share pics of their setup?

    I let my soaps dry for 3-4 weeks and then store them in big cardboard boxes - the ones used for legal files. Keeps them cool and allows them to continue drying.
  10. Mighty Mama

    Do you master batch?

    I make soap using a very high percentage of coconut oil and cocoa and shea butters. Does this mean masterbatching is not an option? I would have to measure out the oils, melt them and mix them together and only to have them solidify overnight again. Not sure if it would save me any time :) I...
  11. Mighty Mama

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    My soap is made with a 30% superfat and is very popular here in South Africa. People come to me all the time commenting on how gentle and lovely my soap is! My sister in law has been using it on her newborn and her three year old so its definitely safe. I was just sharing what works for me...
  12. Mighty Mama

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Umeali - I make a 'baby and me' soap which is the exact same recipe as all my other bar soaps; 85 % coconut oil then equal percentages of cocoa butter, shea butter and castor oil. Makes a DIVINELY hard (yet gentle) bar that has a super creamy lather and moisturizes beautifully. I am not a fan...
  13. Mighty Mama

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    What a busy day I've had!!! Made 3 batches of soap this a brandnew one for a client with added coffee grounds - looks all speckled and interesting! Around lunch time I lugged my slow-cooker from my forest workshop to my kitchen with the plan to make my third batch of liquid soap...
  14. Mighty Mama

    Making custom bars for a customer

    Thanks again for all your insights! I will definitely draw up a contract of some kind for the guy from the barbershop. A soapie friend of mine suggested charging a flat rate (R 600.00) for product development which includes samples. She charges extra for stamping and labelling. I like the...
  15. Mighty Mama

    Advice needed to take soap buisness to the next level

    I use wave accounting for my book keeping system. Its online and free and very professional!
  16. Mighty Mama

    Making custom bars for a customer

    Thanks for all your input!
  17. Mighty Mama

    Making custom bars for a customer

    I've been approached for creating a custom shaving soap for a local barbershop. I've gone ahead and bought ingredients and, working closely with the owner, I've made quite a few sample batches of shaving soaps. Each one of these with different fragrances/clays until we figured out what worked...
  18. Mighty Mama

    Shaving soap with NAOH and KOH?

    So it seems pure coconut oil does the trick equally as well as the blend I have going at the moment (cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil). Seeing as all my other soaps are 100% coconut oil, its def worth a try - thanks Lbussy!
  19. Mighty Mama

    baking soda

    I've been wondering the very same thing. Wanting to make a laundry soap bar and was considering adding baking soda to the recipe. Apparently bicarb is an exfoliant when added to soap but what if you dissolve it and add it to the lye water?
  20. Mighty Mama

    Shampoo Bar Formula Help

    I've been making the following shampoo bar for the past two years with wonderful results and feedback from my customers. I find it leaves my hair soft and I need to only wash once a week. In one of the bars I use herbal tea as the water with added peppermint oil, and in the other I use flat...