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    IFRA Guidelines for Fragrance Oils

    As stated earlier, I was only keen on finding out if said limits were "laws", or just suggested guidelines, and the question wouldn't have worked if used in the opposite direction ("Would I get in trouble for using 1% when the maximum use rate is 3%?"). So while it might seem like I'm excited...
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    IFRA Guidelines for Fragrance Oils

    I don't need anyone's "permission" or "encouragement". Like I said, I could not find much information on this online and was looking at getting as much knowledge as I could on the subject, from people who would know far more than I. I was also curious as to whether these were "laws", or just...
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    IFRA Guidelines for Fragrance Oils

    Hi all, I'm a newbie when it comes to soap in general, and am looking to make and sell bars of M&P soaps. However, one thing I keep bumping into is the mention of "IFRA Guidelines". Some sites seem to harp on following these rules (WSP chief among them, as they list maximum fragrance loads...