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    Just made my 1st facial soap, wish me luck

    Teach Soap Gentle Acne Soap Recipe -
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    Aloe Vera Powder

    Anybody try Aloe Powder in anything?
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    Aloe Vera Powder

    Anyone have experience and feedback on the use of Aloe Vera Powder in CP soap or any other product? Did you like it? Challenges? Positives? Thanks!
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    Where To Buy Lip Balm Tube Tray That Holds 100 Tubes or More?

    I do not want to construct anything. I also want the smooth, plastic finish with raised edges so I can over pour the tubes. If I can't find trays hat hold greater than 100 tubes, I'll just use multiple 100's. I just wanted one large system.
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    Where To Buy Lip Balm Tube Tray That Holds 100 Tubes or More?

    Anyone know of a source to buy lip balm filling trays that hold 100 or more standard round .15 oz standard tubes at a time? I'm only finding 50 (everywhere) and 450. The 450 filling tray is great and comes with a divider for multi-pours but cost $438 :-( Thanks!
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    wrapping round soaps

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    What commission rate do you pay your reps?

    I like your approach. Thanks for the feedback & best of luck!
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    What commission rate do you pay your reps?

    Hi Carvan, We are also in the beginning stages of searching for a social media administrator. I was wondering where you were concentrating your search, we are reviewing contractors through oDesk currently. Thanks
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    wrapping round soaps

    Hmmm, i was afraid of that. Thanks for the heads up. Can you list the weblink again, when I click on "THESE" in your post, it sends me to a "page not found". Thank you again.
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    wrapping round soaps

    Thanks, I see a lot of people doing that but I have zero interest in dying the filters. Hopefully, someone has seen a source for already dyed filters or round tissue paper.
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    wrapping round soaps

    Anyone found a source for different colored coffee filters or precut round colored tissue?
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    Soap Stamping Pictures

    Cool stamps! Mind sharing the link to the online stamp place you used?
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    My whole house smells like grass

    Is the Dirt FO also from Peaks? Thanks
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    Milks comparison

    Here's an answer to your question from a Ph level perspective......... Part 1 - Part 2 -
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    Liquid soap: Is a preservative necessary?

    I'd like to hear feedback on this also.
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    Bramble Berry Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil

    I haven't used it but find it pleasant in the bottle. But, my foreign born asian friend "ewww, that's not bamboo!" :-)
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    Bottle help please

    I alternate between 'SKS' & 'Container and Packaging Supply' - CPS is much quicker shipment time by far.
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    Neons from Brambleberry

    I have used Brambleberry's neons in one 5lb batch and they worked very well and kept their bright colors.
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    Soap inspired by Slash

    A for the soap & A+ for being inspired by Slash & November Rain.
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    What size bar sells best?

    Hey ruby61 - what size are your guest bars (dimensions & weight)?