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  1. Moebym

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Just finished a batch of shaving soap. It was my first time making HP soap, and I must say that it was a fun process watching it go through multiple stages. (Waiting on the stearic acid to fully melt tested my patience, though.) I glopped it into molds when it was at the Vaseline-ish stage...
  2. Moebym

    Soap won't lather

    Hello, all, I created my third batch of soap a few days ago, intending to give a few bars to my mom as a birthday present in about a month's time. Oil weight: 660g, or about 1.5 lb Avocado 10% Coconut 76 deg 20% Olive 20% Palm 25% Shea butter 15% Castor 10% Lye conc.: 31.159% Additives: ~1...
  3. Moebym

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Several days back I created a batch of soap to be given away as birthday presents to my mom, and it was the first batch in which I tried the heat transfer method, used sodium lactate and added a FO. For my third batch ever it turned out alright, but I have a long way yet to go to create one that...
  4. Moebym

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Told my parents I'm making soap for their birthdays in April, so I ordered some palm oil, clays, and supplies for making shaving soap (KOH, stearic acid) a few days ago. I've spent so much money on soapmaking supplies and on handmade soap in the last month or so that I'm afraid of looking at my...
  5. Moebym

    Silly Things About Soaping You Hear On The Internet

    I had no idea Smart & Final had such a product in stock. I'll have to go there again sometime soon and get a block for my attempt at making shaving soap.
  6. Moebym

    Mica, when can I apply it?

    Like others have said, it likely won't stick well if the soap's already been curing for weeks. You should create the splatter effect when the soap is still soft. I've seen soapers mix mica with an oil like sweet almond and drizzle it over the top of the soap batter while it's still pretty soft...
  7. Moebym

    Fermented rice water and bentonite clay

    CP soap is cold process soapmaking, which involves mixing oils/fats and a NaOH/water solution until it reaches trace (a pudding-like consistency), leaving it in a mold to harden, and finally cutting it into bars to be left to fully cure for a few weeks. There are a few other ways to make soap...
  8. Moebym

    Weekend Soaps

    How lovely!
  9. Moebym

    Oatmeal, almond milk, honey soap partial gel - how to prevent?

    I used Silk brand milk. Probably not the best idea, given the other, unsaponifiable ingredients, but I wanted to try it just once to see how it turns out. I also probably should have added the honey to the oils or to light trace for better results. Live and learn, I suppose.
  10. Moebym

    Oatmeal, almond milk, honey soap partial gel - how to prevent?

    Will add in a moment. I used Silk vanilla almond milk. Sorry for the dupe post. Can a mod delete this post? Thanks!
  11. Moebym

    Oatmeal, almond milk, honey soap partial gel - how to prevent?

    For my second soap recipe, I tried to make ungelled oatmeal, almond milk and honey soap. The recipe I made up called for 1040 g of oils. 50% OO 25% Coconut 76 deg 20% Lard 5% Castor 30% lye concentration 341.65 g water (replaced by vanilla almond milk) 146.42 g lye ~1 tbsp Honey 2 tbsp Ground...
  12. Moebym

    Buying Lye

    Lowe's should have the Roebic lye in the 2 lb. bottles. If not there, then try some local hardware stores.
  13. Moebym

    My first recipe.

    I managed to find a 16 oz. bottle of castor oil in my local Vitamin Shoppe for $8, so you could try that place (or a similar type of store) if there's one in your area.
  14. Moebym

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    It was actually yesterday, but I made my second batch of soap, which is oatmeal, almond milk, and honey. I made a few mistakes - adding honey at the wrong time, not blending said honey in adequately, and mis-measuring the batch size - but at least they're not the same ones I had made with the...
  15. Moebym

    Rain Cybilla reviews? Also, how long do FOs last?

    Thanks, cmzaha. It's good to know that the oils will last me a while, since I bought quite a bit. And is raising the lye concentration something I can also do if I want to soap with any liquids containing sugar in order to prevent overheating?
  16. Moebym

    Rain Cybilla reviews? Also, how long do FOs last?

    Hi, all, I recently bought three different Bramble Berry FOs, and I could not find Rain Cybilla in the fragrance oil review chart. The reviews on BB say that it accelerates trace and promotes gel phase. Has anyone here used this before, and if so, was this your experience? These FOs had been...
  17. Moebym

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I saw an ad on craigslist for fragrance and essential oils from a person quitting her bath bomb business, and got 40 oz. worth of fragrance oils for $1/oz. The fragrances were White Tea and Ginger, Rain Cybilla, and Jasmine Dreams from Brambleberry. She had many more, but I didn't want to spend...
  18. Moebym

    What made you pick your avatar/ username?!

    Mine's not that interesting. I just used an online alien name generator to generate some possible nicknames for social media accounts and what not, and Moebym was the one I liked the most out of them. I selected it because my first name begins with M, but that's where the similarities end. As...
  19. Moebym

    Troubleshooting my first CP soap recipe

    I guess it was a little ambitious for a beginner to add so many oils, but the grapeseed oil had been sitting on the shelf for a while and I figured I'd use it up before it went bad.
  20. Moebym

    Troubleshooting my first CP soap recipe

    I did, but I forgot to "burp" the stick blender before using it, and didn't spray any rubbing alcohol on top. Will definitely remember for my next attempt. And thanks!