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    Favorite M&P bases

    Exotic Praying Mantis? This sounds interesting
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    Favorite M&P bases

    Hey guys, I've been making CP soap for about a year now and am having a blast. I'm also interested in trying some M&P soaps as well. My mom found some "soap stuff" at a garage sale this summer and got it for me, but it looks like the coloring is M&P coloring and not CP coloring. Oops! But...
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    curing in individual molds

    When using individual molds, how soon do you remove the soap? As soon as it's hard? When you get around to it? I am hoping to do a lot of soaping this weekend, but I don't have a lot of curing space. I am hoping to use some of my individual molds and keep the soap in it for a week, or so...
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    Lye Fumes

    it hurts like a sonofbeep when you breathe it in You are a braver person than I am! if it gets below the double digits, I start to hibernate. Thanks everyone. I don't mind opening the small window over the sink when it's 40-50*s out, but I am dreading Feb / March when it gets into...
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    Lye Fumes

    What do you guys do to help ventilate the lye fumes? I've been making soap since April, but the weather has always been nice and the windows open. It's winter now, so opening the window is less of an option up here in the tundra- I mean NY. So what do you guys do to help lessen the lye...
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    How often do you change your soaps?

    I was at a craft fair and they had hand made, clay vegetable strainers. I picked one up for my soap. I have since cut the bars down to a smaller size so that I can fit more, because that's a normal response...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    might have gone a little overboard on the turmeric ..... Please tell me I'm not the only one using a freezer to store soap. I think I need more room.... Also whipped up a test batch for lotion bars. Those bad boys are cooling out on the porch.
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    made 1 batch of soap today, messed up another. i bought shea butter & cocoa butter for some lipbalm that I made and wanted to try them out in soap. I made the cocoa butter batch first, scented it with some lavender EO. Half way through the shea batch, I realized I forgot to add the 5%...
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    "I will PAY you to teach me!"

    i have a co-worker that buys M&P bases from Michael's & Hobby Lobby, then criticizes me for making a "lye soap" in my kitchen. Anyway, earlier this week she goes, "Oh, next time you plan to make a batch, let me know and I"ll come over. I want to see how you do it." Oh honey, after that...
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    well that just makes too much sense for me to have thought of it myself
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    got some soap supplies today. Shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil. And I took a picture of my "soap dish" .... this is getting out of hand
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    Intensive care hand cream

    Thank you. I do have that blog bookmarked and normally it is one of my open tabs as I pour over it and try to absorb a little bit of her knowledge.
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    Intensive care hand cream

    excellent. I'm planning on stocking up on most of those for some lip balm that I want to make.
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    Intensive care hand cream

    My brother works in the medical profession and washes his hands a lot through out the day. As you can imagine, this has lead to very dry, cracking skin. I'm planning on make a pretty big order soon to restock my soap stuff, so I'm looking to make a lotion or lotion bar for him. I have never...
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    Milk Frothers - 1.99

    I know a lot of you use milk frothers to mix colors, WOOT has them for $1.99, plus shipping ($5 shipping for anything you order)
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    What soapy thing have you done today?

    made 2 - 2lb batches of soap this morning. Batch 1 is FB's Fir Needle Forest, with a splash of BB's Sensual Sandalwood (I think it smells like cedar). Batch 2 is FB's Twisted Peppermint.
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    Things to do in New York!

    when we go into NYC, we love getting coffee at Culture Espresso. We normally go to the one on 38th, between 6th & 7th. It's almost of the corner of 38th & 6th. Another fun thing we try to do with everyone is take the Ferry to Station Island and then turn around and come back. It takes...
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    Why do you make soap?

    my husband and I are slowly trying to wean ourselves off of using products made by companies we don't support. Standing at the store, looking at shelf, after shelf of "soaps" all made by companies with business practices we do not approve of, my husband turned to me and said, "I bet you could...
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    Christmas 2015

    I brought a tray of soap into the office one day. My suggestion is to make sure you label it as soap. A few of my coworkers thought it was food, lol.
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    What soapy mistake have you made today?

    ordered an owl mold to make soap for my niece & nephew. It arrived today and man is it small. Those are bite-sized soaps