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    Old selfmade soap as melt and pour

    I was wondering if I can grate my old soap bars, melt them up and add a good slurp of perfume or essential oils and get away with it in the sense that the flavours don't get destroyed or don't risk the concoction blows up in my face as they can do when I make soap with caustic soda ash?
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    Frankincense Soap

    The cones were from Stamford, then you can make some more educated assumptions
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    Perfume containing alcohol

    Well thank you for advice everyone, I'm sure it is 100% wellmeant and bought with bitter experience. I was pretty kean on trying it out and I did. I sprayed alot of edt. in a large bowl and left it for the alcohol to evaporate in the sun, Before I added it to the oil I lit the fluid with a...
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    Frankincense Soap

    Yesterday I made this tiny batch scented with four cones of Frankincense. And the scent is all over the room, so it survived the process. Frankincense is my favourite among incenses. The cones were crushed and rapesseed oil heated to a boil was poured over the crushed incense and left to itself...
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    Perfume containing alcohol

    I'm an absolute beginner. I've made my first batch with peppermint oil and as far as I can see everything is OK. I have large quantities of eau de toilette and I'd like to scent coming batches with some of the fragrances. I read a couple of threads on the forum and can see alcohol must be...