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  1. Alison9712

    Deanna, I have a question...

    So.... what is the point of adding the quart of water to the olive oil? Why not mix the lye into the quart of water, and then add the lye-water to the OO? Or is it just a matter of logistics and what is easier to handle? Just seems to me that getting the lye fully incorporated into all the...
  2. Alison9712

    Finally tried a goat's milk batch

    Wow! Your goats milk soap is very pretty.... mine always scorches. Did you use powdered goats milk? What was your technique?
  3. Alison9712

    Hi folks! How do I speed up trace in olive oil soap?

    I add beeswax to my olive oil soap, about 1-2%. That might speed up your trace. At least it will give you a nice hard bar of soap when you do reach trace. Best of luck.
  4. Alison9712

    First attempt - Which oils should I use?

    Hi, I'm just starting to understand more about soaps and exploring new recipes. But I started with a simple olive oil (pomace) soap. My olive oil soap has always been very mild and moisturizing. Maybe too much so for some people, who say it's hard to rinse off. Also the lather is very...
  5. Alison9712

    Second no CO batch

    No coconut oil? or no lard.... or both? Love how white your soap is.
  6. Alison9712

    New from Oregon

    Greetings, I'm new to this site, from Oregon. I made my first batch of CP soap about 15 years ago, and made a few batches since then. I recently got out all my supplies, bought some new molds and made a batch of Olive Oil soap, and tried a new (to me) recipe for goat milk soap. I have many...