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  1. LunaSkye

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I just finished what could possibly be my most idiotic soap ever made: a beer soap. Not just any kind of beer soap though. I reduced the beer with coffee grinds, onions, and red pepper flakes. It even came out a nice, toffee color too.
  2. LunaSkye

    Bath Bombs

    This was very helpful. My niece wants to make bath bombs I have yet to make any. I found a few recipes and was even thinking of using my ingredients I purchased for bath melts.
  3. LunaSkye

    Using Butter in soap

    This post brought back memories. I made butter soap before and I learned that butter is best for baking (in my opinion). Milk and yogurt are nice, especially goat milk. I just wish my goat milk soap wasn't as soft as it is. The pieces I still have are still somewhat soft and I had them for...
  4. LunaSkye

    Palm oil... trying my patience and perseverance

    Much like kchaystack, I really never had an issue with PO (though I do use higher proportions). I agree with Arimara that the recipe is needed to figure out the problem. In addition, were you stick blending for a long time or just long enough to incorporate?
  5. LunaSkye

    Four weeks or six weeks?

    That much is true. :) Just a matter of if you want a specific oil for the SF, but I will admit that gelled CP soaps look nicer.
  6. LunaSkye

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    That is scary...
  7. LunaSkye

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I was gearing up to make a soap right now and bam: I mixed up the weights for the PO and CO. I didn't even catch it until after I added EVOO. The soap should still come out nice, but I only wanted to make a pound of soap to test out a CO/PO combo I was thinking of... :headbanging: This is why...
  8. LunaSkye

    Should i give up? I don't know if this will help, but the pdf had an interesting paragraph on pg 3 on the preperation of allanblackia oil in soap-making. The scientists used 100g of allenblackia oil and mixed it with a 20mL...
  9. LunaSkye

    SMF March 2017 Challenge- Black Background Soaps

    LMBO that happened to my rags when I used black oxide for coloring. 1.) earlene - Fun, and thank you for posting the challenge early! 2.) dibbles - Had to miss last month and happy to be Back in Black 3.) toxikon - Officially hooked on challenges, bring it on! 4.) Mx6inpenn 5.) BattleGnome -...
  10. LunaSkye

    Four weeks or six weeks?

    I had to stop making soap for over a year because I made so much. I never had to buy any from the store, but I couldn't use them fast enough. Luckily I was able to give most of my soaps to a friend so I can now start on some new recipes. :) SunRiseArts: I hope you graduate to HP soap-making...
  11. LunaSkye

    Selling Soap Making Supplies

    It's been a while since I was here! :oops: I purchase my lyes from essential depot and my materials from amazon, if I can't find it at a discount store. My oils come from bulk apothecary or a local store. I am open to ordering my ingredients online so long as the prices & shipping are fair...
  12. LunaSkye

    Ringworm! Blech!

    I had ringworm once in my early twenties and used bleach for a few days before I went to a dermatologist. I forgot why I couldn't go to the doctor earlier, but I was grateful that I went because the bleach did nothing. From what I read in my younger days, ringworm is similar to the fungus...
  13. LunaSkye

    cute lil buzzfeed quiz

    Can anyone tell which is food and which is soap? I got 6 out of 10 right!
  14. LunaSkye

    african black soap

    Step #10 & 12 from Soap Made Easy may answer your question. Step #12 tells you when the lye-water should be ready while # 10 lets you know what to do if you need to make your solution stronger. I hope that helps.
  15. LunaSkye

    african black soap

    Making the KOH solution is tricky if you are going to go the old-school route. I actually saw some references on making potash, but I forgot what sites had the pdfs. :( Life unplugged had a general overview with a few precautions. Wikihow has a more thorough method as well as frontier freedom...
  16. LunaSkye

    How much liquid soap do you need in water to clean?

    I think it may depend on the concentration of the soap. When I spray cleaner, my personal rule of thumb is to use enough soap to make a few bubbles. When I mop, I use a bit more so I can see a light lather.
  17. LunaSkye

    african black soap

    That would be an interesting experience to hear about. I never made any black soap, but I have easy access to some. Soaping 101 has a video for a black soap, though it is not authentic. Maybe it will help you to develop a great soap.
  18. LunaSkye

    OMG: Freebie Alert

    Grab a copy while you still can, newbies:
  19. LunaSkye

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I acknowledged my failures in making three batches of soap. They were all CP and really soft when I removed them from the molds. I cut two of them (a olive soap and a gm soap) horribly crooked. My third soap may not be as much as a fail, but I can only wonder if I used too much charcoal (1tsp...
  20. LunaSkye

    Chocolate Strawberry Drizzle Soap Cake

    If cold stone made soap, that would be a signature cake... too bad I'm too sick for some ice cream. :( At least there's the soap! :)